• Photo by Molly Montag.

Color Breed Council Postpones Judging Seminar

The Color Breed Council, a group with members from several color-based breed registries, announced it has postponed an annual seminar.

The seminar, which was supposed to happen this year, was recently postponed until January 2021 due to concerns about the coronavirus. The announcement was made by the American Paint Horse Association, which has representation on the council.

The Color Breed Council is comprised of officers from several color breed equine associations, including the APHA. Its main function is to host an annual International Equine Judges Seminar to train and qualify industry judges.

The APHA says its Judges Committee will meet next week to discuss options moving forward for the 2021 APHA Judge Recertifications. Once a decision has been made, current APHA judges will be notified directly by email of their decision.