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AQHA World Show Hosting Collegiate Horse Judging, Reining Judging Contests

The deadline is coming up for teams to enter the collegiate horse-judging contest and a special reining judging event at the Farnam American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) World Show.

The AQHA says the event for teams in junior college and senior college divisions will be named on Nov. 9 during the show at the OKC Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.

Registration deadline for the contest is Oct.21, or by Oct. 31 with a late fee.

Participants will evaluate a four-horse halter and performance classes from a variety of classes that are either staged for the contest or are actual Farnam AQHA World entries being judged concurrently for the show and the horse judging contest. Contestants then give six sets of oral reasons depicting their placings. At the contests, professional judges determine an official placing for each class. Scores are calculated based on how close each participant’s placings are to the official placings. Each class and set of reasons is worth 50 points. The competitor who drops the fewest points wins the contest.

For more information about these horse judging contests, contact [email protected]

Reining Judging Contest

This year, the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association will host an Intercollegiate Reining Horse Judging Contest on November 7, in cooperation with AQHA and the National Reining Horse Association. The contest will allow participants to judge live reining horse runs during the Farnam AQHA World. The AQHA says having both judging contests back-to-back will allow collegiate teams to make the most of their time at the Farnam AQHA World.  

Entries for the reining contest can be submitted to Sarah Schobert ([email protected]). Questions about the contest also can be directed to the AQHA Youth Department at [email protected].    

For more information about these horse judging contests, contact [email protected].