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Top 5 Reined Cow Horse Sires

The 2019 Quarter Horse News Equi-Stat Annual Reined Cow Horse Stats ranks the top horses, riders, breeders and owners from the 2019 show year. The Top 5 Reined Cow Horse Sires section examines the top stallions from that list.

This article ranks the stallions according to the money their sons and daughters won in reined cow horse in 2019, as tabulated by Equi-Stat.

Additional sections from the Annual Reined Cow Horse Stats can be found in the statistics section of Quarter Horse News.

Leading Sires

All Ages/All Divisions
Sire/# Money-Earners/Avg. $/Total $/Top Performers, $
1. METALLIC CAT   145     $6,463 $937,191
Metallic Chrome Cat, $47,624; Diamonds R Metallic, $47,000; Hipcat, $42,024; Sixteen Carat Cat, $41,754; Moonshineandtwoadvil, $37,983

2. WR THIS CATS SMART 85       $6,069 $515,830
Smart Shiney Playboy, $62,579; Opus Cat Olena, $43,449; Shine Smarter, $23,454; This Autumn Cat, $22,490; PRF Peptos Smart Cat, $22,435

3. ONE TIME PEPTO            85       $6,040 $513,426
Annies One Time, $73,800; Dualin Alittle Time, $45,401; Peptos Stylin Time, $42,303; Rubys Radar, $34,480; Santiago Time, $29,345

4. BET HESA CAT    52       $7,142 $371,408
Bet He Sparks, $67,322; Hesa Dual Bet, $52,118; Plain Catty, $43,204; Bet Hesa Boon, $22,661; Quahadi, $21,083

5. WOODY BE TUFF            31       $9,819 $304,387
CR Tuff Guns N Roses, $49,890; CR Tuffles N Lace, $34,801; Wooodya, $33,238; CR Dees Be Tuff, $26,044; CR Tuffs Magic Tonic, $23,218

About the Reined Cow Horse Sires Stats

The Quarter Horse News Equi-Stat Annual Reined Cow Horse Stats contains information that was compiled, researched and tabulated by Equi-Stat, a division of Cowboy Publishing Group. The contents and statistics in these Annual Cutting Stats are copyrighted 2020 by Quarter Horse News, 2112 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, TX 76107; telephone 817-737-6397 or fax 817-727-9266.

Money attributed to progeny here in the Top 5 Reined Cow Horse Sires section of the Annual Reined Cow Horse stats is the amount of money that particular horse won in 2019 and is in no way related to who actually received the money. 

The charts included in this review do not include closed stallion incentive programs that were not open to all stallions, and the Open- and Non-Pro-specific charts exclude Novice weekend money.