knot on horse halter

Tie the Knot! Use the Sheet Bend and Ring Knot for Halters, Fiadors, CA Hangers & Jaw Straps

It is handy that a single knot, the sheet bend knot, is used to secure halters , fiadors and California hangers on horses. Follow along in this video as Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack demonstrates tying the sheet bend knot and a 2nd knot known as the ring knot. The ring knot (variation) is a flat knot that is easy to tie and can be used to secure the jaw strap on the near side of your hackamore.

To tie the sheet bend knot:

  1. With your left hand take the inverted U-shaped piece above the knot in the rope or leather on your horse’s jaw and hold it open.
  2. With your right hand, thread the tail of the rope or leather (that is over the poll) through the loop from back to front.
  3. With your left hand, make an opening in the tail rope on the left side of the inverted loop and hold the tail rope in place there.
  4. Going from left to right, bring the end of the tail around and behind the loop. Continue around the loop until you reach the opening in the rope and place the end of the tail through the opening.
  5. Pull the knot just so it is snug. The tail of the rope or leather should now be pointing toward the back of the horse.

To tie the ring knot variation:

  1. Working from the near side of the horse, place the tail end of the jaw strap over the top of the Ca hanger strap, from front to back and bring the tail through and to the left side of the body of the jaw strap.
  2. Thread the tail of the jaw strap over the top of the body of the strap and thread it under the Ca hanger strap, on the right side of the body strap.
  3.  Bring the tail through the loop formed in step #2.
  4. Pull the knot just enough to secure it.

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