Dennis Moreland & Clay Johns demonstrating how to hang your reins and unbridle a cutting horse

Do Right By Your Reins: Bridle & Unbridle your Cutting Horse and Hang Your Reins Correctly

Since you can’t guide your cutting horse with your reins when showing, you may wonder what the best way is to adjust your bridle and maintain your reins to get top runs from your cutter. Follow along in the video as Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack visits with cutting horse trainer Clay Johns of Clay Johns Cutting Horses, Millsap TX, about bridling and unbridling cutting horses and hanging your reins to maintain their shape and feel.

When hanging reins between rides, Clay advises, “I want those reins looped over the top (of the headstall) with one going one direction and the other going the other direction, just like you were on the horse.” That way, he says, “the next time you ride, your reins will be straight, unkinked and looped just like you want them.”

To summarize: let the bridle hang in one hand by placing your hand (non-dominant hand is best) through the crown piece of the headstall. With your other hand guide the left rein under the bit and over the headstall on the right side. Be sure to lay the rein evenly over your hand and check to make sure there are no twists or kinks in the rein. Next guide the right rein under the bit and over the headstall on the left side. Again, check to make sure it is hanging with no kinks or twists. Now place the bridle on the hook and it’s ready for your next ride.

“I choose every hide I use to make reins,” says Dennis Moreland. “That way, I’m sure you’ll have good, even contact and communication with your horse. I’ve worked closely with the same tannery for years to find the highest quality hides just for my doubled and stitched reins and harness leather reins . If you’re not sure which rein would best fit your needs, write to me at [email protected] or give me a call at 817-312-5305. I will be happy to recommend a rein that I think would work best for you,” says Dennis.

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