Guaranteed A Magnum and Jimmy Van Der Hoeven were the 2019 NRHA Derby Open Champions. • Photo by Lillian Kent

NRHA Derby Health Protocols

In light of the world pandemic, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby has instated special guidelines to keep competitors protected, which includes social distancing.

The NRHA Derby will be closed to the general public, and the front entrance to the Jim Norick Arena will be locked at all times. Participants, family, and industry insiders may enter through the barn area.

Because of the conditions necessary, customary meetings and parties have been canceled. The cantina will be closed. There will be a concession stand open in the coliseum, the bar in the SuperBarn will be serving, and the café will be open with reduced occupancy. There will also be designated entrance and exit routes for the café, so watch for signage on that.

Once inside the State Fair Park, do not congregate in groups larger than 10 and follow social distancing guidelines. Signage regarding social distancing will be placed throughout the facility in potentially congested areas, include the arenas, seating areas, concourse, warm-up arenas, offices, restrooms, etc.


  • Inside the arena seating areas, keep one row unoccupied between occupied rows, as marked.
  • Persons who attend the event or gathering as a group (e.g., a group of family members or household contacts) may sit or remain together but must be separated by a distance of 6 feet (at least two seats) from other people or other groups.
  • The back-gate viewing stand in Jim Norick Arena will be limited to six people per the taped guidelines on the stand.

In Arenas

  • Riders and people on foot must keep at least 6 feet of space between each other at all times.
  • Arena entrances/exits will be arranged so riders do not come into close contact entering and exiting the arenas. Riders are to follow directions for entering/exiting, and there will be no gathering in gate areas.
  • Riders shall maintain social distancing guidelines at all times including, but not limited to, while in the warm-up and show arenas.
  • Respect the gate person’s and the bit judge’s personal space, and maintain proper social distancing when interacting with them.
  • Only exhibitors, trainers, and one assistant in the class currently working may be in the adjacent warm- up arena.
  • Numbers of riders will be limited in warm-up arenas and open riding areas at all times by official stewards
  • Do not crowd the gate person or announcer.
  • The announcer’s stand, judges’ seats, microphones, etc. will be wiped down before and after each performance with a disinfectant solution. These locations and implements are off limits to any other people during the show.

In Barns

  • Doors in the barns will be left open to allow for touchless entry.

In Office

  • Exhibitors must deliver a signed liability release and waiver when they pick up their back numbers. This form is available at here. If you do not have it the form, will be available in the show office.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to pre-enter and complete paperwork online. Add-scratch and other forms are available online.
  • Paperwork may be submitted to the show office via email to [email protected]. Exhibitors with more than horses can call or text (405) 268-7486 for appointments in the office to minimize waiting.
  • Please limit your interaction with the show office by using online alternatives.
  • Show office capacity will be limited to one person per actively staffed front desk or station. Only one person is allowed at each station.
  • Show office personnel will have a protective barrier separating them from exhibitors. Show office will provide sanitizing wipes and will sanitize their area between people.
  • When possible, office doors will be left open during check-in or during periods of high traffic for air flow and for touchless entry into the office.
  • Office entry/exit doors will be marked to minimize close contact between people. Exhibitors will only need to come in to submit open checks and pick up back numbers.
  • Results and judges’ scoresheets will be posted online only.
  • Draws will be posted online and at other appropriate locations. Exhibitors are encouraged to use the online draws and only check the posted draws to confirm scratches or adds.

Stabling Areas

Participants are welcome to decorate their stall-front areas with the following exceptions.

  • No couches or sofas will be allowed in front of stalls.
  • No bars/counter seating will be allowed in front of stalls.Please arrange any seating in stall-front areas to respect the 6-foot distancing requirement.
  • Stall fronts must be cleaned and disinfected multiple times each day. There will be at least one stall between barns in the same row. This is due to protocol—that stall is not available for use.
  • Show management, staff and officials will wear face masks. All show staff and officials will have their temperature monitored once daily prior to entering the show grounds. Anyone with temperature above 100.4°F will not be allowed to enter. Attendees are encouraged to check temperatures daily as well.

Vendors/Trade Show

Vendors have been approved by the Oklahoma State Fair with the following guidelines.

  • No vendors or sponsors will be allowed in the SuperBarn. Vendors may sell from enclosed trailers in Barn 3.
  • Vendors may be located in the Jim Norick Coliseum concourse with 10 feet between each booth.
  • Vendors will be required to monitor the number of people in their booths, limited to two guests at a time.
  • Vendors will be required to disinfect areas between customers.
  • No couches or sofas in or in front of trade-show booths.


Pre-order your shavings through the Feed & Bedding Office at (405) 948-6786.

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