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Quarter Horse News magazine June 15, 2020, cover
On the Cover: Morgan Cromer and “Keen,” a Border Collie out of Merle Newton’s breeding program • Photo by Lauren Maeve Photography

Confident Cutters
Texas trainer Tatum Rice uses these four guidelines to train a more self-assured, tenacious cutting horse. By Ross Hecox, Page 28

Old Passion, New Motivation
After Amy Bell’s unexpected death, her family grappled emotionally with how to move the Kalpowar Quarter Horses program forward. They found the answer in the horses she loved. By Lillian Kent, Page 36

Lights, Camera, Action … Upload
When it became clear the spring show season would be derailed, industry members turned to the ingenuity and video platform that technology offered. By Lillian Kent, Page 62

Intestinal Blues
Colitis in adult horses is a serious health condition that demands immediate medical attention and a long recovery. By John Henry, Page 66

Prospects with Potential
Each new year, young horses by the hundreds are chosen in hopes they will become a champion. The selection criteria can be overwhelming, but here are 12 guidelines to use when choosing a prospect. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 70

Farm & Ranch Management

The Real MVP
Western performance horse industry members rely on working dogs to manage their cattle on ranches and hone their horse skills. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 42

Silent & Deadly
Weather and soil conditions can awaken deadly anthrax bacteria, which can kill horses, cattle and other livestock. It also has the potential to sicken humans. By Molly Montag, Page 50

Before the Build
Whether you show on the weekends, run a breeding operation or have an elite-level training facility, taking these tips into consideration before building your next barn will make life easier. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 56

Liability & Ranch Management
Equine activity liability acts exist in various states to protect land owners; however, ranch managers must be careful to follow the detailed requirements of the statutes. By Morgan Nati, Esq, Page 60


Insights & Opinions, Page 14
Tack Room Talk, Page 16
Frankly Speaking, Page 22
Event Overview: CRCA Drought Buster Derby, Page 24
Outside the Pen: Coureygous, Page 26
New Foals, Page 76
Event Calendar, Page 79
In the Spotlight, Page 80

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