Quarter Horse News magazine july 1, 2020, cover snippet

July 1, 2020, Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine


Quarter Horse News magazine July 1, 2020 cover
On the Cover: Starjac Vintage & Craig Schmersal • Photo by Kirkbride/Schatzberg Photography

Breaking the Rules
The Breeder’s Invitational grew out of a desire to promote stallion owners and has become one of the nation’s premier cutting events. By Lillian Kent & Molly Montag, Page 36

Resounding Success
Three years after narrowly escaping the largest wildfire in Kansas history, Garth and Amanda Gardiner’s cow horse breeding operation is stronger than ever. By Molly Montag, Page 44

Gettin’ Personal With … Marco Formentin
This reiner came from the shores of Italy’s ancient Queen of the Adriatic to the land of opportunity on horseback, chasing his reining aspirations. By John Henry, Page 50

New Foals

Simply Selection
Breeders can now diagnose genetic mutations in embryos before a mare becomes pregnant, resulting in fewer foals affected by DNA variations and a potentially healthier breed. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 52

Early Risers
Despite a sharp decline in money-earning opportunities this spring, 39 foals featured in the 2016 Quarter Horse News Foal Issue grabbed the chance to become performers. By Lillian Kent & Jatona Sucamele, Page 58

New Foals
The next generation of Western performance superstars is making its debut in Quarter Horse News. Compiled by Teri Lee, Page 72

Event Coverage

AzRHA Mother’s Day Slide
Craig Schmersal sizzled in a smokin’ return to the show pen, placing first second and third in the Lucky 21 Derby Level 4 Open. By Teri Lee, Page 30


Insights & Opinions, Page 14
Tack Room Talk, Page 16
Health Matters, Page 24
Breeding & Beyond, Page 26
Event Overview: Heritage Days Classic Derby, Page 28
Event Calendar, Page 95
In the Spotlight, Page 96

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