The NRHA announced a list of cost-cutting measures to reduce its budget by more than $500,000. The list includes discontinuing the Collegiate Reining Championships, also known as the Catch-Ride, which was won in 2016 by Blair McFarlin. • Photo by Waltenberry.

NRHA Budget Slashed by at Least $500,000 to Maintain “Basic, Core Processes”

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) announced on Tuesday it will cut more than $500,000 from its budget by eliminating staff positions, cutting programs and making other changes.

The NRHA announced the changes were instituted as part of an effort by its board of directors to deal with what it said was a “significant drop” in memberships, renewals and other general processing, as well as income from approving events, recording results and offering official trophies to recognize class winners.

“We’ve gone from running down the highway with the cruise set on 60 mph to a virtual standstill in revenues with the orange cones not yet out of sight,” said the announcement, which was signed by NRHA President Mike Hancock and NRHA Commissioner Gary Carpenter.

As a result, the NRHA said, the board of directors needed to cut between $500,000 and $1 million from the budget to maintain the basic, core processes the NRHA provides to the industry. The association said that was achieved by eliminating, suspending, streamlining and repurposing different programs and activities.

Changes to the NRHA budget announced Tuesday include:

  • 10% pay reduction for all salaried employees
  • The elimination of three staff positions the week of May 18. One of those was the Affiliate Programs Representative whose employment ended May 20. Those responsibilities will be handled by the existing team. Through this transition, please contact Christa Morris-Stone ([email protected]) or Samantha Oldfield ([email protected]) for assistance. The two other employees will continue until June 15 when a current project is completed.
  • Prior to this, the staff headcount had been reduced by 25% since 2014
  • Eliminated overtime and instituted a hiring freeze
  • Suspended all office supply orders (with the exception of toner and paper)
  • Eliminated next-day and two-day shipping
  • Travel cancelled through June 30
  • Additional restrictions after June 30. No staff will travel to the Affiliate Regional Championships, All-American Quarter Horse Congress, etc.
  • Eliminated June Pro Trainer
  • Held the April Board of Directors Meeting electronically
  • Restructured Awards Banquet for recognition to be held at the NRHA Futurity
  • Rent reduction requested
  • Requiring pre-payment of all trophies
  • Reduced outside services (3Nines Technologies, Inc., cleaning services, etc.)
  • Horse of the West marketing support funding eliminated
  • Collegiate Judging Contest eliminated
  • Youth Speaking Contest eliminated
  • Youth Incentive Program eliminated
  • Affiliate Incentive Checklist eliminated
  • Certificate of Merit program eliminated
  • Green Reiner Awards to be restructured to award at one level
  • Collegiate Reining Championships (Catch-Ride) eliminated
  • Announced that depending on entries in the 2020 NRHA Derby, the added money provided from NRHA’s operating budget could vary from the projected $225,000 added down to no less than $125,000 added, in the case of a 25% decrease in entries

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