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May 15, 2020, Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine


Quarter Horse News magazine May 15, 2020 cover
On the Cover: Kole Price & Gunnastrikeyaout • Photo by Kelsey Price

Circling Smart
Circles are an overlooked maneuver to many reiners, but Kole Price uses them to work on his horse’s shape, steering, cadence and style. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 32

Ranch Horse Breeding: Then & Now
Breeding experts Dr. Glenn Blodgett and Jim Brinkman discuss the progression of ranch horses and how stock horse competitions are making an impact. By Erin Haynes, Page 50

High Stakes Game
Some of the best horses in the history of cutting have starred in the NCHA Super Stakes, and it’s a perfect time for a walk down memory lane. By Molly Montag & Lillian Kent, Page 58

The All-Industry Issue

Free Thinkers
Modern cutting and reining bloodlines tend to be mutually exclusive, but two stallions are beginning to emerge as sires that can find success in both. By Molly Montag, Page 42

Off the Beaten Path
The cow sense Main Street Boon inherited from elite broodmare Playboys Ruby was a major asset that resulted in him becoming a champion rope horse. By Teri Lee, Page 46

XY Marks the Spot
As an Appaloosa, High Sign Nugget was born an outlying outsider, but “Spot” has beaten the odds to make a significant contribution to the Western performance horse industry. By John Henry, Page 48

Equi-Stat All-Industry Statistics
It’s not an easy task to be successful across disciplines, but these athletes, owners and breeders have proven it’s possible. By QHN Staff, Page 69

Jack of All Trades
Small but mighty, Ray J Boonlight proved to be an allaround athlete with the heart of a lion as he achieved success in three performance disciplines. By Teri Lee, Page 70

European Influence
Arcese Quarter Horses’ vision has kept it among the industry’s leading breeders in cutting, reining and reined cow horse for decades. By Teri Lee, Page 72


Insights & Opinions, Page 14
Tack Room Talk, Page 18
Frankly Speaking, Page 28
Outside the Pen: Magicality, Page 30
New Foals, Page 66
Event Calendar, Page 103
In the Spotlight, Page 104

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