Cade McCutcheon and Super Marioo at the NRHA 2019
Cade McCutcheon and other trainers and riders received the NRHA's blessing to get back on the road, where they can. Photo by Waltenberry

NRHA Board Supports Resuming Approved Events, beginning May 1

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Board of Directors announced on Tuesday that it supports resuming NRHA-approved events beginning on May 1, as long as show producers and exhibitors adhere to local and state regulations concerning COVID-19 as well as take measures to ensure the safety of all involved.

However, the NRHA Board decided that earnings will not count toward world championship titles until further notice, considering that not all areas of the world have lifted restrictions to allow for approved events to take place. 

“Our members are ready to show and, where possible, we think it’s important to get back to what they love,” said Mike Hancock, NRHA president. “Show management needs to be prepared to address any and all local conditions or requirements, and the exhibitors must be willing to accept those guidelines.”

NRHA continues to monitor changing conditions and recommendations from local, state, and federal entities. Show management must take all necessary precautions to protect their teams, facility personnel and exhibitors if they do host an NRHA event.

If a state or local government suspends public activities, it is the responsibility of the organizing party to cancel or postpone the NRHA-approved event accordingly. The health and safety of the reining community is the top priority for NRHA. 

To ensure the safety of those involved in an event, NRHA recommends the following at minimum for show staff and exhibitors: 

• Provide handwashing and sanitation stations in barns and competition areas.
• Allow the use of face masks for all production team members and exhibitors.
• Promote social distancing in all areas surrounding the show.
• If possible, provide stalling separation and sanitize all stalls before and after use.
• Ensure that food service eliminates lines and streamlines service.
• Clean and sanitize all areas frequently.
• Minimize traffic in the show office.
• Minimize hand-to-hand contact (examples include giving out awards, sharing pens in the show office, using radios for the judges, etc.).

“It is everyone’s responsibility to take safety precautions for preventing the spread of any disease,” NRHA said in a news release. “NRHA is excited to get back to the show pen but expects all affiliates and show producers to put the health and safety of their teams and the exhibitors at the forefront of every decision.”

For more information about coronavirus recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), visit