Dennis Moreland demonstrating how to attach mecate reins to a snaffle bit using slobber straps

How to Attach Slobber Straps to Your Mecate with Dennis Moreland Tack

Slobber straps are used to attach a mecate to a snaffle. They add extra weight to the bit ends of a mecate which causes the rein to drop instantly when either side of the mecate is released. In turn this releases the pressure on the bit sooner which gives your horse a quicker reward for giving to the pull. Horses understand and respond best to cues, and therefore training as a whole, when release of the cues occurs at the exact time the horse has given the correct responses. Slobber straps can help reach that goal by increasing the speed of the release.

Once you get the hang of it, attaching slobber straps is quick and easy but it may seem difficult the first time. Follow along on the video as I show you how to put a mecate on your snaffle with slobber straps.

  1. Lay your bridle down on a table like it is on a horse, with the back facing up. You can hang it up to do this if you prefer.
  2. Starting on the right side put one of the slobber straps on the right snaffle ring.
  3. Thread the tail (end without a tassel) of your mecate through both slits in the slobber strap starting from the outside.
  4. Pull the tail end almost all the way through, leaving about 8-12 inches on the tassel end.
  5. Thread the 8 inches of the tassel end under and back up over the slobber strap and through the loop just formed.
  6. Pull both ends of the mecate rope down snugly against the slobber strap. The tassel end should now be facing downward.
  7. Put the other slobber strap on the left snaffle ring.
  8. Thread the tail end of the mecate through the slits in this slobber strap starting from the inside. The rope between the slobber straps will be your rein loop. The tail end will become your lead.
  9. Pull the tail end through the slobber strap far enough to leave only enough length in your rein loop to be the length you would like it to be. The rein length is personal preference and can be adjusted after you put it on your horse if necessary. I like to make my rein loop sides about an arm’s length long.
  10. To make the knot around this slobber strap thread the tail end under and back over the slobber strap. Thread the end through the loop just made.
  11. Pull both ends of the mecate rope down snugly against the slobber strap.

Dennis Moreland slobber straps are made of dense, tight fibered racetrack leather. The denseness of this leather, which is heavier than harness leather, adds just the right amount of weight for a quick, smooth release. They can be used with both mane hair mecates and nylon mecates . If you have questions about slobber straps, mecates or any piece of tack email [email protected] or call 817-312-5305.

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