The Quarter Horse News staff scoured online streaming services to find horsey TV shows to tide you over until Monday. • Photo/Graphic by Holly Tarquinio/Molly Montag

What to Watch: TV Show Staff Picks to Get You Through the Weekend

In this world of social distancing, many of us are facing unfamiliar territory at the end of each week: an entire weekend at home. No horse shows. No sales. Just home.

While the work never stops — horses need to be ridden and cared for, and there’s plenty of time for those old to-do lists — everyone needs downtime.

Whether you’re self-isolating, social distancing or just stuck at home because all the horse shows and sales are canceled, Quarter Horse News (QHN) has you covered with our new “What to Watch” series. We put our heads together to come up with weekly suggestions for horsey programming to keep you entertained.

This week, we looked for TV shows with either a horse or Western theme. As always, we’d love to hear your suggestions. If we missed anything, please send an email to Senior Editor Molly Montag at [email protected]. If we get enough unique suggestions, we’ll feature a “What to Watch” list with QHN reader picks!

After all, we’re in this together!

What To Watch: TV Show Picks

Free Rein

WHY WATCH: A great example of how horses give us the strength to take on the challenges of life


WHY WATCH: This show reminds viewers how special the bond is between horses and the people who love them.

The Last Cowboy

WHERE TO WATCH: Season 1, Episode 1 is free on Paramount’s website. Other episodes are available for purchase/download on various platforms. You can also watch the other episodes by logging in on Paramount with your cable or satellite provider.
WHY WATCH: This series features some of the top reiners in the business preparing for The Run For A Million’s inaugural event. The Season 1 cast included Casey Deary, Andrea Fappani, Abby Lengel, Cade McCutcheon, Tom McCutcheon, Matt Mills, Craig Schmersal and Jason Vanlandingham.



WHERE TO WATCH: Go to Paramount’s network and log in with your cable/satellite provider or purchase episodes on various other streaming platforms.
WHY WATCH: Cameos by some of our industry’s biggest players are a great reason to start watching. Then, the storyline will hook you. Plus, there’s a decent chance if you were at the 2019 NCHA Futurity, you may have bumped into some of the cast members who participated in the Careity Celebrity Cutting.


What to Watch: Wildcard TV Show Picks

Each week, we’ll try to come up with a Wildcard selection. It’ll be a show or movie a little out of the mainstream, or something we just think you might not normally pick when browsing.

This week, it’s the reality show “Ultimate Cowboy Showdown.” Hosted by country singer Trace Adkins, the show features a group of men and women competing to be the best “cowboy” and win a herd of cattle (or the monetary value of a herd).

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

WHERE TO WATCH: Amazon Prime (free with Prime)
WHY WATCH: You’ve got to take it with a grain of salt and know that some of the contestants are more skilled than others in this reality series. On the plus side, it is free with Amazon Prime.