Last years' champions Sonita Lena Rey and Corey Cushing. • Photo by Primo Morales.

World’s Greatest Horseman Finalists Determined

The DT Horses and Hashtags 2020 World’s Greatest Horseman Finalists have been determined and the Finals will be taking place Saturday, February 22 in the John Justin Arena. Below are the 11 finalists and their preliminary scores.

Kelby Phillips
LTE $892,694
Duals Lucky Charm 13G (Dual Smart Rey x TRR Ms Pepcid Olena x Pepcid)
Preliminary Composite: 886.5 (218.5 Herd/222.5 Rein/223 Steer/222.5 Fence)

Chris Dawson
LTE $1,418,621
Shine Smarter 12M (WR This Cats Smart x Shiney Tari x Shining Spark)
Preliminary Composite: 884 (219 Herd/220 Rein/220 Steer/225 Fence)

Randy Paul
LTE $2,020,263
Lenaliltothewright 07G (Lenas Wright On x Shining Survivor x Shining Spark)
Preliminary Composite: 880 (216 Herd/223.5 Rein/225 Steer/215.5 Fence)

John Swales
LTE $1,045,711
Metallic Cat Rose 11M (Metallic Cat x Teletrona x Little Trona)
Preliminary Composite: 879 (216 Herd/217 Rein/223 Steer/223 Fence)

Shawn Hays
LTE $810,848
Red River Rivalry 11S (Soula Jula Star x Shiners Miss Lena x Shining Spark)
Preliminary Composite: 874.5 (213 Herd/217 Rein/222 Steer/222.5 Fence)

Jake Telford
LTE $2,087,790
Sparktilion 12M(Shining Spark x Cattilion x High Brow Cat)
Preliminary Composite: 873.5 (217 Herd/223 Rein/226 Steer/207.5 Fence)

Todd Bergen
LTE $4,816,894
Smartly Starstruck 10M (Very Smart Remedy x Katie Starlight x Grays Starlight)
Preliminary Composite: 871.5 (219.5 Herd/223 Rein/223 Steer/206 Fence)

Luke Jones
LTE $826,871
Wranglered 11S (Starlights Wrangler x Snow White Dun It x Hollywood Dun It)
Preliminary Composite: 871.5 (213.5 Herd/215.5 Rein/227.5 Steer/215 Fence)

Boyd Rice
LTE $6,209,659
Quahadi 13S (Bet Hesa Cat x Ginnin Attraction x Tannery Gin)
Preliminary Composite: 871 (220 Herd/216.5 Rein/211 Steer/223.5 Fence)

Ben Baldus
LTE $367,812
Playing Motown 13G (Mr Playinstylish x Mo Flo x Mr Peponita Flo)
Preliminary Composite: 870.5 (218 Herd/218 Rein/213.5 Steer/221 Fence)

Wade Meador
LTE $120,045
Truly Screyumptious 11M (Dual Smart Rey x Meleena Olena x Smart Chic Olena)
Preliminary Composite: 870.5 (212 Herd/216 Rein/226 Steer/216.5 Fence)

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