austin shepard in the cutting pen with high brow cd
Austin Shepard and High Brow CD • Photo Courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

HIGH BROW CD: A Son of the Legend

In 2007, we saw one of the most outstanding runs to ever win the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open Championship. It was accurate, intense and filled with cow expression. It was also the run the crowd wanted to win.

The following year, High Brow CD’s winning run was what people measured all other runs against. It was the ideal. He not only impressed people with his “bring it on” attitude, but he continued to win shows throughout the season.

High Brow CD went on to top the NCHA Super Stakes in 2008. He proved to be consistent and continued as the crowd favorite many thought was destined to be “the one” to win the Triple Crown after decades without one.

Unfortunately, this didn’t not happen, but he never fell short of putting on an impressive show throughout his career. He earned the NCHA Horse of the Year title, making him the first horse sired by High Brow Cat to win the Futurity and that coveted title together. Everything about High Brow CD’s show career was impressive.

We all know his accomplishments and we saw what he could do in the show pen, but there are not enough words to emphasize the brilliance of his pedigree. High Brow Cat is the epitome of the cutting bloodline — maybe even the American Quarter Horse breed as a whole. Arguably, there will not be another horse like him when it comes to passing on good genes.

And yet, on the bottom side, High Brow CD is a son of the amazing Sweet Little CD. This mare carries on the genetics of CD Olena, who is still known for one of the most cow intense NCHA Futurity runs to this day.

High Brow CD, very much like his maternal grandsire, was one of those few horses that read a cow the minute it got cut from the herd and every second thereafter. That has been the main attribute breeders have worked toward since the start of cutting horse breeding programs. High Brow CD is that full of cow, and he passes that on!

At the NCHA Futurity Sales in 2018, we saw a big man drop a tear. Austin Shepard told all of us how he felt about High Brow CD and how this horse changed his career by taking him to the top — winning the NCHA Futurity Open and many other event accomplishments during his years of age events.

“He’s the best horse I’ve ever rode” Shepard said.

high brow cd running in turnout
High Brow CD • Photo Courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

By the time Shepard was done, there every single person in the room was touched by his speech. These were the words of not only the one who trained High Brow CD, but a man whose credibility is so high in the cutting industry that we would be foolish to question him. What was seen that day when High Brow CD walked in the sale ring does not happen very often.

High Brow CD has already sired the earners of $10 million — a group that includes some of the most outstanding crosses with daughters of Peptoboonsmal, Playgun, Smart Little Lena, Docs Stylish Oak, Dual Pep, Dual Rey, Freckles Playboy, SR Instant Choice (in that respective order) and many others from top to bottom.

Some of High Brow CD’s top money-earners include names such as:

• Some Kinda Highbrow, $477,628
• Crafty With Cows, $436,657
• Reyzin, $423,522
• High Stylin CD, $287,035
• Amandas CD, $286,398
• Sweet Lil Amanda, $269,524
• Cat Sheree, $253,379
• What About Blue, $247,120
• Highbrow Time, $231,715
• Stylish Top Brow, $196,037
• Sweet Baby Marie, $191,521
• Rubys CD, $171,951
• Big Daddys CD, $169,861
• Wendels Little Missy $160,308
• High Brow CD Deuce, $142,833
• Zen And Tonic $140,653
• Shady Lil CD, $139,192
• Little Dirty Deeds, $138,437
• TF High Chex CD, $137,312
• SDP Moms CD, $130,104
• CD Highlights, $110,824
• Kual CD, $107,013

Austin Shepard riding horse Some Kind Highbrow
Austin Shepard & Some Kind Highbrow • Photo by Laura Rodgers, Courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

These and many more of his amazing performers keep showing that High Brow CD has the genetics needed to succeed in any performance competition. It is evident; this horse is the best value in the market of any High Brow Cat stallion.

High Brow CD is the No. 1 siring son of High Brow Cat, by average earner, of all the sons who have more than 80 performers. As we say: Take the guess work out of breeding. In an age of fake news, there’s nothing fake about High Brow CD.

Darren Simpkins riding a son of High Brow CD
Darren Simpkins & Crafty With Cows • Photo by Laura Rodgers, Courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch