Dennis Moreland demonstrating how to tie on rein ends to your reins

Two Easy Methods for Attaching Rein Ends or Water Loops to Reins

Rein ends, also known as water loops, are short pieces of leather used to attach your reins to your bit with tie strings. A rein end is attached to one side of each rein, looped through the bit ring and tied back to the opposite side of the rein says Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack. When a rein gets broken, the tie string on the rein end will break, or the rein will break in the hole the tie string was tied in, which prevents a large section of your rein from breaking.

Rein ends are easy to attach to any rein . There are two knots that are routinely used: the square knot and the double loop knot. Follow along with the video and guideline below to learn how to attach rein ends using either of these knots.

  1. Working from outside to inside, thread each end of a latigo tie string (approximately ¼ inch wide x 16 inches long) evenly through both holes on one end of your water loop and then through the holes in the rein from the back. The knot in the tie strings should be facing out.
  2. Loop the other end of the water loop through the bit ring. If the bit has a bit hobble put the water loop behind it.
  3. Thread the strings through the holes in the other side of the water loop and pull the strings tight.
  4. To tie the square knot lay the tie string end on the left over the tie string end on the right. Tuck the original left under the right and pull tight. Now lay the string on the right (this was the original left hand string) over the string on the left and tuck it under the left string. Pull the knot tight.
  5. To tie the double loop knot lay the tie string end on the left horizontally on the rein. Wrap the tie string end on the right under and over the left string twice, tightening the loop after each wrap. Make sure the loops are being made in the direction of the bit and not toward the tail of the rein. Pull the loops tight again after the second wrap.

Be sure to cut the same length of rein off of the opposite rein if you’ve broken one so the reins will stay even. This will keep them balanced in your hands. Rein ends can be used on all types of leather split reins if the rein is strong and uncompromised by damage or holes in the rein.

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