Dennis Moreland demonstrating proper unsaddling technique

Try These Tips to Make Unsaddling Safer and More Efficient!

If you hate tripping over your breast collar or latigo when you’re carrying your saddle, follow along in this video while Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack demonstrates a few tips that will make unsaddling and carrying your saddle a whole lot easier. Share these tips with your friends too!

It’s important to always undo the flank (back) cinch and breast collar first. Finish up by undoing the front cinch That way if your horse moves unexpectedly while you’re unsaddling the saddle won’t be held on with only the flank cinch or breast collar. That can be dangerous for both you and your horse.

We’ll start unsaddling with the flank cinch. As you are unbuckling your flank cinch watch to see that it doesn’t accidentally catch in one of the lower holes on its way down. Also remember to let the strap down slowly so the buckle doesn’t swing and hit your horse’s legs.

Next we’ll unbuckle the breast collar. There are 3 ways to keep a breast collar on your saddle after unsaddling. One way is to place it over the saddle seat from the off (right) side. However, this doesn’t hold the breast collar securely on the seat.  When you carry your saddle it’s likely to fall and drag. Another commonly used technique is to buckle the near (left) side tug and place the loop over the saddle horn from the off-side. This is more secure than just placing it on the saddle seat but it still isn’t fool proof. To make certain your breast collar doesn’t fall simply place it over the seat from the off-side and buckle the tug through the near-side stirrup. You’ll never have to worry about dragging your breast collar as you carry your saddle.

The last strap to undo is your cinch or girth. Again, be careful as you release the cinch from the latigo that it doesn’t swing and hit your horse’s legs. To put your latigo up start about 2 feet from the saddle dee and fold the latigo back under itself. Put the fold up through the saddle dee from the back and pull the folded side down until both sides are even. This keeps your latigo straight and also makes it easy to cinch up next ride. If you need to carry your saddle you may want to take a half hitch in the latigo. This will hold it securely on the saddle dee, so it doesn’t fall and trip you.

Attach the cinch and flank cinch to the keeper from the off side of your horse. Turn the cinch so the side that was against the horse is now facing out. Check to make sure there are no twists or kinks. Put the cinch buckle through the keeper on your saddle. Pick up the flank cinch and put the buckle through the keeper and latch the buckle. Attaching the cinch facing out allows it to dry more quickly between rides.

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