Ricky N Reyd Streaks and Rieta Dufurrena at the AQHA World Show.
Said Rieta Dufurrena of her ride-off: “My third cow ... had good move to it and really let my horse show his ability." Photo by Shane Rux Photography

“Moss,” Rieta Dufurrena Ride Off as AQHA Winners

Ricky N Reyd Streaks and Rieta Dufurrena, the winners of the Amateur Cutting Level 3 finals, did double-duty in order to claim victory at the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show in Oklahoma City.

Dufurrena of Gainesville, Texas, and the 6-year-old gelding (Dual Rey x GS Kittys Littlelena x Smart Little Lena), bred by Gordon Sevig of Walford, Iowa, and owned by Dufurrena’s mother, Shona Lyn, won a ride-off with Smooth De Mayo and Don Perkins to claim the World title after a finals-tying 222.

The duo had won the preliminary go-round with a 223.

Ricky N Reyd Streaks, otherwise known as “Moss,” has now won three World Show golden globe trophies and entered the show with $85,657 in lifetime earnings. Dufurrena’s brother, Brandon, rode Moss to the 2018 AQHA Amateur Cutting World Championship, and her mother rode him to this year’s AQHA Select World Show Cutting World Championship. 

Moss is one of GS Kittys Littlelena’s two money-earners that have credited her with total dam earnings of $177,856.

Dufurrena, whose Equi-Stat lifetime earnings totaled $315,136 when she arrived at the World Show, will likely remember the day she won her second Amateur Cutting World title. She won her first Amateur World title in 2014 riding Miss Ella Rey, whose lifetime earnings are $372,554 and who has produced 10 money-earners with more than $1 million in earnings. 

Undoubtedly, Dufurrena also will recall the emotions she felt on her way to victory.

She was excited when she learned she had tied for the championship, but she said it was also a little nerve-racking because she’d shown two finalists and they’d both done well. Because the scores were not announced until the finals ended, Dufurrena wasn’t sure which of her horses, Moss or Mizpah Cat, had scored higher. 

When Dufurrena learned she and Moss would be in the ride-off, she may have felt some nervous anticipation as she prepared to reenter the show pen. However, some good, old-fashioned feelings of humor had set in before pure joy erupted, as she and Moss won their golden globe trophy.

Dufurrena couldn’t help but laugh as she explained that her dad, Ed Dufurrena, who always keeps a list of the cattle that they like in a bunch, had actually thrown his “cow” list in a trash can following his daughter’s run on her final horse. Less than five minutes later, Dufurrena was told she was going to a ride-off.

“Dad was like, ‘Shoot!’ as he ran back and started digging through the garbage for his list so that we could figure out what we needed to work in the ride-off,” Dufurrena said.

Thankfully for Duferrena, he found it!

Drawing first in the ride-off, Dufurrena said, “15 head of horses had already gone through that herd, so we were having to go back through the [cow] list to figure out what we wanted to cut. And, that was kind of tricky because there really wasn’t much left in that set of cows.”

The first cow they cut was really good, really soft and let them start the run off smooth, Duferrena said.

“The second cow helped me build my run and was a little more challenging, but still soft — in a good way,” she said. “My third cow was probably the best — it had good move to it and really let my horse show his ability. 

“Then, I had to sit and wait” for her opposition’s run.

Dufurrena believes the gelding’s best qualities are his intensity while working a cow and his athleticism.

When it comes to personality, Dufurrena said: “He’s a Dual Rey, so he’s got lots of quirks. We say he’s won three World titles with three different people, which is awesome, but you’ve got to be careful — like he spooks at anything, he’s kind of a goofy horse that way.”

Obviously, cutting is a family affair for the Dufurrena family, so Dufurrena was quick to credit her dad and mom for their help.

“If it wasn’t for them and all of their support, I wouldn’t even be here,” said Dufurrena, who also wanted to thank the two girls who helped get her horses ready to show, “Sammy” (Samira) Ernst from Germany, and “Pája” (Pavla) Beránková from Czech Republic, as well as her herd and turnback helpers. 

When Dufurrena is not riding and showing cutting or reined cow horses, she may be found working with her business partner on their social media marketing business — 940 Branding Company.