Poco Bueno gravesite.
Poco Bueno was put to rest standing, as outlined by his owner's will. Photo by Gerald McLeod

Writer details trip to the gravesite of Poco Bueno

When rancher E. Paul Waggoner died in 1967, he left instructions in his will that directed his heirs on burial arrangements for American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Poco Bueno.

When that time came, in 1969, Waggoner’s estate complied with that request and set “Pokie” at rest in a plot just south of Vernon, Texas, the headquarters of the famed W.T. Waggoner Ranch.

In accordance with Waggoner’s instructions, he was laid to rest upright in a standing position.

Courtesy of the W.T. Waggoner Ranch

We bring this up because of a nifty little story by Gerald E. McLeod, a correspondent with the Austin Chronicle, who featured Pokie’s gravesite and four-ton monument in his “Day Trips” column. McLeod took the picture of the shrine you see here, too.

Read it here.