nate eicher demonstrating how to operate a grass hackamore with reins

Training to Trail Riding-the Grass Hackamore with Reins Has You Covered!

The Grass Hackamore with Reins and the Nylon Hackamore with Reins are two of the most versatile hackamores I make says Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack. Nate Eicher of Eicher Performance Horses, Weatherford TX uses the Grass Hackamore with Reins to train young horses, including his Extreme Mustang Makeover contenders. Follow along in the video as Nate demonstrates why this hackamore is his top choice for communicating clear signals to his young horses. Nate is demonstrating on a mustang he started 2 weeks prior to the video.

“I really like the feel of these reins” Nate says. It’s personal preference but Nate explained how these reins have a good feel in his hands and provide clear signals to his horses.

“If I pull on this horse, the hackamore pulls from the outside over and it’s got just enough sidepull action that a young horse can understand where I’m taking his nose and which direction to go.” Says Nate. “What I like about this hackamore is it’s nice and soft, and comfortable, for a young horse. It makes it easy for them to understand when I ask them to go left or go right, and even when I’m asking them for a stop. It’s got that nice soft noseband that doesn’t scare them and communicates with them really well.”

“When I ask a horse to back with this hackamore, it’s got a soft feel on the nose and under the chin” explains Nate. As soon as I start to pick up on this young horse, he’s already thinking about backing up, because of the feel this hackamore provides. I release the pressure on the reins as soon as he starts to back” says Nate. “Because of the way the hackamore is made, it’s easy for the horse to understand the cues you give. Everything else is in the hands” explains Nate.

In addition to using this hackamore for training, riders like this hackamore for trail riding, pleasure riding and warming up their show horses Dennis notes. “It’s got enough signal that you have control and it’s just a real versatile, all-around good hackamore” says Dennis.

Both the Grass and Nylon Hackamores with Reins are made with round nosebands. A round noseband allows for pressure to occur anywhere on the nose, and, where the pressure occurs is dependent on where the pull on the rein is made. When there’s no pressure on the rein(s), the pressure on the nose is released. These hackamores are made of 1 piece of rope spliced widely at the chin. This wide rein attachment on the chin gives more sidepull action than most other hackamores, which makes it easy for young horses to understand a direct rein pull and how to follow their noses through turns.

The Grass Hackamore with Reins is made of hand-braided ½ inch grass rope and the Nylon Hackamore with Reins is made of hand-braided 1/2inch nylon rope. They are both built with ¾ inch harness leather headstalls with fiadors. If you have questions, please call 817-312-5305 or email [email protected].

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