Amy Lund and Bet Hes Got Style

Amy Lund Stylin’ At Amateur Hour at Snaffle Bit Futurity

Amy Lund spent her summer at home, in the farthest reaches of eastern Kansas, feeling at times as if she were beating her head against a wall with this new project she took on.

Lund is a championship bridle horse rider, but this initial step into the ranks of the futurity horse at times felt like quicksand.

“I’m not going to lie,” Lund said. “I had struggles all summer long. I even wanted to quit. Brad kept telling me, ‘you’re not going to quit; you’re going to keep it up.’”

Not only did she not surrender to the temptation of quitting, Lund is getting the sweet taste of triumph. The struggle, though very real at times, has been all worth it at the show debut of Lund and Bet Hes Got Style at the National Reined Cow Horse Association’s (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity®, presented by Metallic Cat.

Lund never let yesterday use up too much of today, as Will Rogers put it, and it culminated in these amateurs’ hour. It’s been a good week.

Lund and her gelding (Bet Hesa Cat x Genuine And Style x Playin Stylish) posted a composite score of 642.5 (212 herd/213 rein), including a 217.5 in cow work on Wednesday at Will Rogers Memorial Center’s John Justin Arena. The effort was tops among the Futurity Amateur class and came with a $6,509 prize.

The two are also finalists in the Futurity Non-Pro class, to be played out Thursday and Friday at the Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

“The futurity horse is a roller-coaster,” Lund said. “The bridle … they know their job and I had a lot of success with that horse, The Big Day. I won a lot on him. These horses come out one day and they’re real good, the next … . They’re just real immature.”

The horse is owned by her husband and the eponymous Brad Lund Performance Horses of La Cygne (pronounced Luh-Seen), a small town about 50 miles south of Kansas City. The Lunds have been in Kansas about 18 years, Amy Lund said. She is originally from Southern California, but at age 19, she made a reverse Joad and relocated east, to Oklahoma, where she met her husband.

“I was so used to showing a bridle horse who knew what to do and I was wanting it to happen all the time, like a bridle horse would,” Lund said. “And they don’t. Those babies just don’t perform like an old solid citizen. It’s been different, but it’s been good. It’s made me a better rider.”

The Lunds bought the horse as a yearling. Brad Lund has done most of the work with him until the late spring.

Entering the Snaffle Bit, Amy Lund had an Equi-Stat record of $66,316. A lot of that came on The Big Day (Smart Little Lena x Olena Day x Doc O’Lena), a 2005 gelding and good show horse with Equi-Stat earnings of more than $80,000.

Amy Lund retired The Big Day in the spring.

“Brad said, ‘why don’t you try the futurity?’”

Any lingering doubts she might have had have been erased in Fort Worth.


Nineteen horses successfully navigated the preliminaries and advanced to the finals of the Non-Pro Futurity. Finals herd work is scheduled for Thursday. Reining and cow work are set for Friday, both at Will Rogers Coliseum. Finalists listed by how they finished in the preliminaries.

Twice In A Blu Moon (Once In A Blu Boon x Teletrona x Little Trona), ridden by Myles Brown, Equi-Stat LTE $147,048

Cr Tuff Guns N Roses (Woody Be Tuff x Gypsy Rose Rey x Dual Rey), ridden by Abbie Phillips, Equi-Stat LTE $80,472

Bend It (Metallic Cat x Little Exotic Dancer x Smart Little Lena), ridden by Carmen Buckingham, Equi-Stat LTE $97,799

Seven S Kid Rock (Blind Sided x Seven S Docs Cowgirl x Genuine Doc), ridden by Jens Naglestad, Equi-Stat LTE $46,689

Prf Peptos Smart Cat (WR This Cats Smart x Wild Francine x Peptoboonsmal), ridden by Tori Simons, Equi-Stat LTE $32,244

Dualin Alittle Time (One Time Pepto x ARC Little Dualena x Dual Pep), ridden by Debbie Crafton, Equi-Stat LTE $108,303

SCR Bet This Time (Bet Hesa Cat x PRF One Time Candi x One Time Pepto), ridden by Parke Greeson, Equi-Stat LTE $169,215

Bet Hes Got Style (Bet Hesa Cat x Genuine And Stylish x Playin Stylish), ridden by Amy Lund, Equi-Stat LTE $66,316

Chics Smart Elan (Chics At The Doc x Miss Elanadual x Elans Playboy), ridden by Julia Winders, Equi-Stat LTE $14,583

Scooters Daisy Deuce (Kit Kat Sugar x Scooters Daisy Dukes x Dual Smart Rey), ridden by Kathy Ferguson, Equi-Stat LTE $71,376

Shiney Nickel (Smart Boons x Nic A Shiner x Smart Shiner), ridden by Gianna Hansen, Equi-Stat LTE $80,038

MC Reynshiner (Reynshine x Smart Wimpy Bar x Smart Shiner), ridden by Brent Ratliff, Equi-Stat LTE $63,877

Stylish Reys (Mr Playinstylish x Dual Reys Belle x Dual Rey), ridden by Debbie Crafton, Equi-Stat LTE $108,303

Royal Roanie Smart (One Time Pepto x Royal Smart Cat x High Brow Cat), ridden by Sarah Clymer, Equi-Stat LTE $1,033

Blue Bloods Matrix (SDP Blue Blood x Sweet Playmates x Sweet Lil Pepto), ridden by Clark Weaver, Equi-Stat LTE $66,238

Seven S Red Robin (Blind Sided x Seven S Dixie Chic x CJ Sugar Lena), ridden by Kenneth Schueller, Equi-Stat LTE $104,187

Mr Cee Street (Cee Mr Hickory x Miss Bourbon Street x Pep Bar Deck), ridden by Tammy Johnston, Equi-Stat $70,128

LG Cookin With Sugar (Kit Kat Sugar x Cookies Cookin x Docs Hickory), ridden by Eric Freitas, Equi-Stat LTE $446,601

Hesa Twisted Bet (Bet Hesa Cat x R A B Twistin Dodger x Little Twisted Juan), ridden by Lanham Brown, Equi-Stat LTE $94,369