The State of Oklahoma has strengthened health requirements for horses entering the state, including for the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show at State Fair Park. • Courtesy Photo.

Vesicular Stomatitis: 5-Day Health Certificates Required for Some Horses at Lucas Oil World Show

Some horses will need additional health documentation in order to attend the 2019 Lucas Oil American Quarter Horse Association World Show in Oklahoma. Officials say the rules are to prevent the spread of vesicular stomatitis.

Rules for Entry

The change is for horses from counties that either have had a case of vesicular stomatitis diagnosed within the past 30 days or counties that have a facility under quarantine for the infectious disease.

In those cases, the state of Oklahoma will require a certificate of veterinary inspection dated within five (5) days of entry containing the following statement: “All animals identified on this certificate of veterinary inspection have been examined and found to be free from signs of vesicular stomatitis and have not originated from a premise which is under quarantine for vesicular stomatitis.”

Horses traveling from counties that do not have any positive cases for vesicular stomatitis must have a health certificate within 30 days of when they leave for the show, which is scheduled for Nov. 7-23.

Infectious Disease

Vesicular stomatitis is a viral disease of horses, donkeys, mules, cattle and swine. Initial symptoms include excessive salivation and reluctance to eat or drink. Symptoms include vesicles, erosions and sloughing of the skin on the muzzle, tongue, ears, teats and coronary bands of the animal’s hooves. Lameness or weight loss may follow. Body temperature may rise immediately before or at the same time lesions first appear.

Cases of the disease have been reported in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Officials in a Ohio, which is host to All American Quarter Horse Congress, also implemented stricter health requirements in an effort to keep vesicular stomatitis out of that state.

Use Caution

In a recent statement outlined the new guidelines for health certificates, the AQHA urged exhibitors to check all horse health requirements before arriving at the show grounds in State Fair Park. It also urged participants to be aware and take precautions when traveling with animals that may comingle with other animals at events.

For more information on all infectious equine diseases, visit the Equine Disease Communication Center website.

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