Photo courtesy of Tulsa Reining Classic

Tulsa Reining Classic Elementa Derby Open Champions Reign

Earlier this year, Elementa joined the Tulsa Reining Classic as the sponsor of the Open Derby, which features $34,000 in added money. The Elementa Open Derby completes a busy week, and Casey Deary and Lonely At The Top won the class with a 225.5. That earned a check for $6,563, a Bob’s Custom Saddle, and prizes from the Tulsa Reining Classic.

For Deary, the win was a bit of redemption.

“This has been a special horse for Rob Curtis and me. She’s been special all along and I haven’t felt like I’ve done her justice. It’s nice to come here and figure out how she needs to be prepared to get her shown,” Deary, a National Reining Horse Association Million Dollar Rider said. “She won the High Roller Futurity as a three-year-old, and I thought I had her figured out. She’s made the NRHA Derby finals twice and the NRBC finals once, but it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for her.” as a three-year-old, and I thought I had her figured out. She’s made the NRHA Derby finals twice and the NRBC finals once, but it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for her.”

Deary noted the mare, by Colonels Smoking Gun [Gunner] out of Wimpys Little Chic (by Wimpys Little Step), is a natural.

“She has tons of ability everywhere. It’s just a matter of getting her to give it to me when I need it,” Deary said.

As for their run, Deary said he was pleased.

“She was pretty good. I safetied up a little running through the gate because I’ve had a little trouble in  that spot with her all week. Then she turned really good and circled as good as she ever has. I was pretty happy overall,” Deary said.

“I thank Rob for sticking with me on her. She’s been something we have had huge expectations for, and I haven’t necessarily done my job getting that out of her, but he’s been with us,” he said. “Thank you also to Elementa for sponsoring this event. We appreciate your support and couldn’t do it without you.”

Brian Bell & Cee Mr Stop – Derby Level 3 and Markel Novice Horse Open Champions 

Photo courtesy of Tulsa Reining Classic

It was a special day for Brian Bell. Not only did he win the Open Level 3 title with Cee Mr Stop, he also won the Markel Novice Horse Open and Reserve in the Level 4 with a 224, for a check totaling $11,302.

Bell piloted another entry – and full sibling to Cee Mr Stop – Mr Royal Hollywood, to second in the Level 3 and third in the Level 4 with a 222.

Bell’s third entry, Gunnaoutfoxya, finished third in the Level 3, fourth in the Level 4, and tied for reserve in the Novice Horse Open Derby, winning $5,897, with a 221.5.

Both Cee Mr Stop and My Royal Hollywood are owned by George and Carol Bell, while Gunnaoutfoxya is owned by Vandorp-DeBruin Reining Horses.

Cee Mr Stop and Mr Royal Hollywood are both by Hollywoodstinseltown out of Cee Miss Hollywood (by Custom Chrome).

“It was special. These two are both horses my family has raised. They have owned the mother and the grandmother, and I’ve shown almost every horse this dam has ever had,” Bell said. “The mare I was third with, Gunnaoutfoxya (Gunnatrashya x Foxynicki x Jacs Electric Spark) is a horse I bought at the futurity from Kelle Smith. It was a good day today.”

Bell likened Cee Mr Stop to a different mode of transportation.

“He’s a cool horse. He’s like pedaling a bicycle. If you want him to go fast you have to ask him to. He’s a big stopper and turns around easy,” Bell said. “He’s just a fun horse to show. Anyone could show him.”

Cee Mr Stop only has a short layover before heading to Las Vegas for the High Roller Classic.

“He’s going to rest for two days and then we leave again,” he said. “I thank everyone on the team – my wife Naike, my dad George and his wife Carol. They bred and raised these horses and got them to be the nice horses they are.” Bell added, “Thanks also to my helpers Barbara and Vicki. They work unreal hard to make sure things are perfect when we get there every day.”

Tying for reserve in the Markel Insurance Novice Horse Open Derby was Trevor Dare and Xtra Wimpys Catalyst with a 221.5. They also placed in the Open Levels 4 and 3, earning a $5,897 paycheck. Xtra Wimpys Catalyst, owned by Ixtul Quarter Horses LLC, is by Wimpys Little Step out of Im Not Blonde (by Catalyst Too).

Cade McCutcheon & Gunnersrufride – Derby Level 2 Open Champions

Photo courtesy of Tulsa Reining Classic

Cade McCutcheon took the reins of Gunnersrufride from his father Tom McCutcheon following the NRBC earlier this year.

“My dad showed him last year and gave him to me. This horse just needed to grow up a little bit. This is the first time we’ve shown him since NRBC,” McCutcheon explained. “He’s a good horse. He’s good minded, it just took a little bit of time for him to get where he needed to be to be competitive in the Derbies.”

With a score of 221, it’s clear that McCutcheon and Gunnersrufride, by Gunners Special Nite out of Lil Ruf Showgirl (by Lil Ruf Peppy), are on the right track. The pair also placed in Levels 4, 3, and the Novice Horse, earning $5,956 for owner White River Ag Products.

“He was really good for me today. I wanted to just kind of cruise through to get ready for Vegas next week. Now I know what to work on in a couple spots,” McCutcheon said.

McCutcheon, who recently tied for the win of the inaugural Run for a Million, has a special connection to Elementa, who sponsors the Open Derby.

“I’m very thankful to Elementa for sponsoring this event. Cecilia Fiorucci has been awesome to me. She owns the great horse Custom Made Gun that I just won the Million on. It’s great for someone to come in and support a sport like this,” McCutcheon said.

Josh Tishman & Baileys Sidekick – Derby Level 1 Open Champions

Photo courtesy of Tulsa Reining Classic

Josh Tishman and Baileys Sidekick finished second in the Level 2 and topped the Level 1 with a 220.5, winning $1,909 for owner Kathy Thompson.

“He actually had a little trouble getting through the gate, but after that he was very good stopping and ran back. He turned around really good. I was able to push him in his circles because I knew he’d stay with me, and he was as big and clean on all three stops as he’s ever been for me,” Tishman said.

Tishman and Baileys Sidekick, by Gunners Special Nite out of A Shining Sidekick (by Starbucks Sidekick), have consistently been a winning team.

“He’s a show horse. We have pulled a paycheck just about everywhere we’ve gone. He’s as consistent as can be,” Tishman said.

Baileys Sidekick will travel home to Amarillo for a little R and R, before going back into training mode to prepare for the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show.

“I thank the owners Kathy and Grant Thompson, the whole Deary crew, and everyone who has helped me get here,” Tishman said.

Winning second in the Derby Level 1 Open was Todd Wright and SJR Karinas Lil Step with a 218. SJR Karinas Lil Step, owned by Teresa McCarthy, is by Wimpys Little Step out of Whizs Katrina (by Topsail Whiz).