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September 15th Table of Contents — Quarter Horse News Magazine


Quarter Horse News magazine September 15, 2019 cover
Raeanna Thayn & Coded N Karma • Photo by Shane Rux Photography

Mastering Mind Games
Seasoned competitor and reined cow horse trainer Zane Davis knows the struggle of second-guessing his horse before a major event. Instead of panicking, Davis follows a systematic approach to regain con‘dence. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 44

Gettin’ Personal With … Courtney Vanlandingham
This young artist isn’t following in the footsteps of her famous reining trainer dad. She’s blazing her own trail in the industry thanks to her creative capabilities. By Kristin Pitzer, Page 50

Right Time, Right Place for Mr. & Mrs. Right
An audience of cutters at the Will Rogers Coliseum witnessed a special moment when true love made a surprise manifestation in the form of a wedding proposal in the sand of the arena. By Lillian Kent, Page 64


Raising Ace
Raising a child diagnosed with autism is a daunting task, but Russell and Tanna Dilday confront it like anything else they face on the ranch. By Kate Bradley Byars, Page 54

In Full Bloom
Autumn Rose Equestrian is a dynasty by any standard, building ‘first-class riders and perennial winners, as well as ‘first-class people. By Megan Arszman, Page 58

The young riders who earned AQHYA World titles in Western performance horse classes this year were anything but strangers to winning. By Katie Navarra, Page 66

Peak Performance
After striving for the top 15 all year, the leading young cutters in the sport battled for top honors at the NYCHA World Finals. By Molly Montag, Page 70

Triumph & Redemption
Lance Cooper scored his second win in the Senior Scholarship Cutting, and Will Bushaw took care of un‘nished business in the Junior event. By Molly Montag, Page 76

Not Just Horsing Around
A youth movement was certainly afoot at the NRHA Derby, and it was more than merely re-crowning Madison Steed the top collegiate reining rider. By Lillian Kent, Page 78

International Treasure
Nineteen reiners from all over the world gathered in Italy for the first Global Youth Reining Cup, and it was a hit. By Simona Diale, Page 82

Time to Cowboy Up
The CINCH National High School Finals Rodeo welcomed 1,607 contestants from 43 states, ‘five Canadian provinces, Australia and Mexico to compete for $181,650 in scholarships. By Teri Lee, Page 84

Event Coverage

West Texas Futurity
At the West Texas Futurity, 3-year-old cutting horses fi‘nally got to show their stuffœ in the spotlight for anxious owners, trainers and caretakers. By Molly Montag, Page 86

FEI World Reining Championships
Americans Cade McCutcheon and Raeanna Thayn rode to gold medals in Switzerland. Page 94

Mid-Year Cutting Horse Sale
Performance horses were in high demand at the Mid-Year Cutting Horse Sale, which held strong for its second offiŸcial rendition. By Kelsey Pecsek Hruska, Page 96


Insights & Opinions, Page 14
Tack Room Talk, Page 18
Frankly Speaking, Page 28
Event Overview: AJPHA Youth World Championship Show, Page 34
Event Overview: NCRHA Futurity & Derby, Page 35
Event Overview: PCCHA Road to Reno, Page 36
Outside the Pen: Soulanova, Page 62
Event Calendar, Page 103
In the Spotlight, Page 104

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