Adan Banuelos and Armani Blue at the El Rancho Futurity.
Armani Blue and Adan Banuelos master a futurity field for a second time at the El Rancho Futurity. Photo by Video West Productions

El Rancho: Armani Blue, Adan Banuelos Go Two-Steppin’

Armani Blue and Adan Banuelos added a second futurity victory to their show record, winning the Futurity Open Championship at the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) El Rancho Futurity and Foothill Fiesta with a 225 finals score at the Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, California. 

At the end of August, Banuelos rode the blue roan stallion, owned by Jeffrey Neidhart of Farmington, New Mexico, to the Idaho Cutting Horse Association Futurity Open finals victory.

Tracey Woodward of Los Alamos, California, rode R Cat Mr Wilson to the winner’s circle in the Futurity Non-Pro finals. Woodward also rode Just Rascal to win the Derby Unlimited Amateur Championship.

Check out the other winners below. Payouts include money from championships only. See complete results for all money won. (Photos by Video West Productions)

Futurity Open 

Armani Blue & Adan Banuelos
16S (Smooth As A Cat x Autumn Boon x Dual Pep)
Owner: Jeffrey Neidhart, Farmington, NM
Breeder: Karen Freeman, Clarksville, TN
225 | $12,000

Futurity Intermediate Open

Cee Dee Catalena and Dylan Meyer.

Cee Dee Catalena & Dylan Meyer
16M (Metallic Cat x TF Cee Dee Stars x CD Olena)
Owner: Pam Heier, Brentwood, CA
Breeder: Kimberly Thome, Santa Rosa, CA
221.5 | $5,496

Futurity Non-Pro 

R Cat Mr Wilson and Tracey Woodward.

R Cat Mr Wilson & Tracey Woodward
16G (Rascal Cats x DS Mrs Wilsonfreckle x Wilsons Lil Freckles)
Owner: Tracey Woodward, Los Alamos, CA
Breeder: Tracey Teixeira, Los Alamos, CA
427 | $5,400

Futurity Unlimited Amateur 

CD Can Dance and Karen Brody.

CD Can Dance & Karen Brody
16S (High Brow CD x Duals Dancer x Reys Dual Badger)
Owner: Karen Brody, Santa Barbara, CA
Breeder: Ken & Judy Siebel, Stevensville, MT
217 | $2,729

Futurity Amateur 

WR This Kitty Smart and Elizabeth Para.

WR This Kitty Smart & Elizabeth Para
16M (WR This Cats Smart x Hyadualin Darlin x Dual Pep)
Owner: Elizabeth Para, Othello, WA
Breeder: David Hartman, Whitesboro, TX
213.5 |$2,388

Futurity Amateur 

RT Snowman and Robert Thigpen.

RT Snowman & Robert Thigpen
16S (Metallic Cat x Peyote Bird x Hickoryote)
Owner: Robert Thigpen Jr., Chilton, TX
Breeder: Robert Thigpen Jr., Chilton, TX
213.5 |$2,388

Derby Open

Dual Cat Pepto and Monty Buntin.

Dual Cat Pepto & Monty Buntin
15G (Dual Rey x Swiss Cat Pepto x Sweet Lil Pepto)
Owner: Mike & Debra Flashman, Rancho Murieta, CA
Breeder: Jeff & Margaret McCoy, Weatherford, TX
221 | $9,000

Derby Non-Pro

Reymind Me and McCall Hansma.

Reymind Me & McCall Hansma
15S (Dual Rey x Bet On Nurse x Bet On Me 498)
Owner: McCall Hansma, Fort Worth, TX
Breeder: Double Dove Ranch, Fort Worth, TX
221 | $5,500

Derby Unlimited Amateur

Just Rascal and Tracey Woodward.

Just Rascal & Tracey Woodward
15M (Rascal Cats x Justbabe x Smart Lil Ricochet)
Owner: Marvin & Paulette Teixeira, Los Alamos, CA
Breeder: Tracey Teixeira, Los Alamos, CA
214 | $4,000

Derby Limited Non-Pro

Mada Drallop and Julie Sandford.

Mada Drallop & Julie Sandford
15M (Metallic Cat x All That N Cat x High Brow Cat)
Owner: Julie Sandford, Orange, CA
Breeder: Beechfork Ranch, Weatherford, TX
216 | $2,474

Derby Amateur

Calvin Baloo and Brenda Higbee.

Calvin Baloo & Brenda Higbee
15G (Lil Catbaloo x Spookywearinstiletos x Dual Rey)
Owner: Brenda Higbee, Redmond, OR
Breeder: James Barnes, Wilton, CA
214 | $2,720

Classic/Challenge Open

Catty Bluz and Morgan Cromer.

Catty Bluz & Morgan Cromer
13G (Catty Hawk x GAR Bella Lena x Duals Blue Boon)
Owner: Barry & Michelle Barnes, Clarkston, WA
Breeder: Cowan Ranch Inc., Ardmore, OK
223 | $8,500

Classic/Challenge Non-Pro

Ms Shuga Rey and Hydie McAlister.

Ms Shuga Rey & Hydie McAlister
14M (Kit Kat Sugar x Etta Rey x Dual Rey)
Owner: Hydie McAlister, Houston, TX
Breeder: Jessica & Gary Gonsalves, Millsap, TX
223 | $4,818

Classic/Challenge Unlimited Amateur & Limited Non-Pro

Amens Smooth Freckle and Hydie McAlister.

Amens Smooth Freckle & Hydie McAlister
13M (Smooth As A Cat x Frecklesareinstyle x Docs Stylish Oak)
Owner: Hydie McAlister, Houston, TX
Breeder: Cows & Horses Etc., Dallas, TX
220 | $5,000   220 | $2,339

Classic/Challenge Amateur

Dureyngo Kid and Justin Rockey.

Dureyngo Kid & Justin Rockey
14G (Reys Dual Badger x Hissy Cat x High Brow Cat)
Owner: Justin Rockey, Lancaster, CA
Breeder: Jeffrey & Jennifer Foland, Weatherford, TX
221 | $2,356