2019 Weekend Statistics

Weekend competitors are sometimes referred to as road warriors. The amount of time spent and number of miles driven traveling from event to event can be taxing, to say the least, and the monetary rewards are considerably less than what is offered at limited-age events. Still, the weekend warriors find the camaraderie and talented competitors more than enough to make up for any hardships along the way.

This special issue was created to give credit to those individuals whose earnings at weekend shows have placed them among the elite in their respective disciplines. Inside, you’ll find the top weekend cutters, ancillary reiners and reined cow horse horse show competitors.

The Lifetime Weekend Statistics contain information that was compiled, researched and tabulated by Equi-Stat, a division of Cowboy Publishing Group. Equi-Stat was formed in 1985 by Morris Communications Corp., parent company of Cowboy Publishing Group and Quarter Horse News.

Money attributed to a horse is the amount of money that particular horse won and is in no way related to who actually received the money. Also, monies attributed to riders are not the earnings of the rider, but rather monies awarded to all horses that particular rider rode. In the sire, dam and grandsire charts, monies earned by clones are attributed to the sire, dam and grandsire of the clone’s donor.

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Includes weekend earnings only

Horse/Earnings/YOB/Sex/Pedigree/Rider(s), $/Owner/Breeder

1. RED WHITE AND BOON $664,273
(88G) (Smart Little Lena x Royal Blue Boon) Mary Jo Milner, $458,238; Kobie Wood, $108,959; Corinne Heiligbrodt, $70,819; Glen Blankenship, $15,749; Hagan Heiligbrodt, $5,838; Jordan Milner, $1,809; Larry Hall, $1,391; Jim Milner, $626; Paula Wood, $514; Jake Milner, $212; Jim & Mary Jo Milner, Southlake, TX; Larry Hall Cutting Horses, Weatherford, TX

2. GUN SMOKES WIMPY   $664,121
(84G) (Gun Smokes Pistol x Lacy Jo Whipple) Debbie Patterson, $622,873; Faron Hightower, $23,467; Ernest Cannon, $12,833; Don Pooley, $1,752; Norman Morefield, $1,547; Billy Chipps, $1,059; Pat Patterson, $461; McKenzie Rust, $128; Debbie Patterson, Tecumseh, OK; Lanna Wolfenbarger, Ledbetter, KY

3. DUAL REY ME     $577,985
(99G) (Dual Pep x Miss Smart Rey Jay) Jeremy Barwick, $424,892; Candace Barwick, $113,110; Russ Carroll, $6,879; Clay Johnson, $5,527; Jordan Milner, $5,055; John Wold, $5,019; Geordie Richardson, $4,326; Curry Diehl, $2,648; Bill Dixon, $2,512; Bubba Matlock, $2,248; Jeremy & Candace Barwick, Stephenville, TX; Twin Willows Ranch Inc., Ocate, NM

4. WOODY BE LUCKY        $499,675
(00G) (Nitas Wood x Playboys Ladyluck) Dan Hansen, $442,354; Karen Hansen, $33,227; Don Crumpler, $24,094; Dan & Karen Hansen, Weatherford, TX; Craig & Janet Crumpler, Wichita Falls, TX

5. REY LYNX            $456,232
(81G) (Doc’s Lynx x Jay Moss) Paige Alexander, $449,211; Kevin McClory, $3,232; Ralph Davis, $1,359; Annie Calabria, $1,239; John Wold, $511; Kenny Patterson, $423; Ronnie Nettles, $257; Paige Alexander, Canton, TX; Marion Flynt, Midland, TX


Includes ancillary earnings only

Horse/Earnings/YOB/Sex/Pedigree/Rider(s), $/Owner/Breeder

1. GREAT SUN BURST        $173,128
(03S) (Great Resolve x Docs Sun Burst) Bernard Fonck, $105,499; Manuel Bonzano, $56,972; Brian Bell, $10,467; Ruben Vandorp, $190; 23 Quarter Horses Az Agricola, Incisa Scapaccino, IT; Bernard Carriere, Dalkeith, ON, CN

2. SAIL ON TOP WHIZARD            $159,174
(05S) (Whizard Jac x Miss N Sis) Bernard Fonck, $159,174; Danny & Mireille Cerato, Soignies, BG; Yvette Saad, Gastel, NT

3. WHAT A WAVE   $154,901
(08S) (Tidal Wave Jack x What A Sunrise) Bernard Fonck, $134,439; Craig Schmersal, $16,692; Steve Vannietvelt, $3,771; Steve Vannietvelt & Gina De Pauw, Melsele, BG; Sam & Tina Ellis, Sapulpa, OK

(02S) (Topsail Whiz x Sheza Shady Slider) Rudi Kronsteiner, $76,061; Cody Sapergia, $32,830; Shawn Flarida, $10,408; Cathy Hern, $5,092; Morey Fisk, $2,437; Cristian Dalla Pozza, $1,974; Bevilacqua Soc Agra A R L, Secchi, IT; Duane & Wendy Latimer, Kalispell, MT

5. NU CHEXOMATIC          $121,005
(07G) (Nu Chex To Cash x Tejons Texie Lena) Cody Sapergia, $78,248; Tina Kuenstner-Mantl, $26,800; Grischa Ludwig, $13,871; Tomas Martinek, $1,806; Dennis Schulz, $203; Valentina Arnaboldi, $76; Jac Point Quarter Horses, Lermoos, AU; Hilldale Farm, Brashear, TX


Includes horse show earnings only

Horse/Earnings/YOB/Sex/Pedigree/Rider(s), $/Owner/Breeder

1. SMART TIME TUCK          $134,125
(97G) (Senors Lil Brudder x Smoke Time Tuck) Lyn Anderson, $94,223; Murray Thompson, $36,431; Kathryn Schaefer, $3,471; Murray Thompson, Atwater, CA; Bar Eleven Quarter Horses, Eagle Point, OR

2. OLENA OAK           $133,589
(02S) (Smart Chic Olena x Fritzs Oak E Doakie) Ron Emmons, $133,589; Nichole Scott & Ladona Emmons, Ione, CA; David Nogle, Palatine, IL

3. CD DEE VEE DEE    $131,541
(05G) (CD Lights x Shiners Missy Jay) Jay McLaughlin, $87,158; Cutter McLaughlin, $39,334; Ron Ralls, $2,928; Todd Bergen, $1,596; Erin Taormino, $525; Jay McLaughlin, Clarendon, TX; Carol Rose, Gainesville, TX

4. NMSU TRUCKIN CHEX      $123,697
(98S) (Nu Chex To Cash x NMSU Doc Truckle CJ) Kevin Stallings, $73,513; Karen Stallings, $50,184; Kevin & Karen Stallings, Camp Verde, AZ; New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

5. SHINING LIL NIC    $112,286
(03S) (Smart Shiner x Dig A Lil Nic) Kevin Stallings, $71,099; Doug Williamson, $28,648; Janiejill Tointon, $10,339; Corey Cushing, $2,200; Bill & Janiejill Tointon, Longmont, CO; Carolyn Kupka, Boulder, CO