Luca Fappani found his way to success aboard two horses in the Reining By The Bay's Derby Non-Pro.

Fappanis Reign at Reining By The Bay

Luca Fappani made the Fappani name proud when he stormed the Reining By The Bay Derby Levels 4, 3 and 2 Non-Pro on July 26.

Fappani marked a 226.5 on Sharp Dressed Spook, a 2014 gelding sired by Spooks Gotta Whiz and out of the mare Dolittle Lena (by Shining Spark). His multiple wins on Sharp Dressed Spook, along with a third place in Level 4 and the Reserve Championship in Levels 3 and 2 on his other horse, Spooks N Jewels (Smart Spook x Whiz Jewels x Topsail Whiz), garnered Fappani more than $25,000 in prize money. 

“It’s my first year with him and he’s never ceased to amaze me,” Fappani said of Sharp Dressed Spook. “[It was] probably the best I’ve ever shown him.”

According to Fappani, Reining By The Bay’s large outdoor arena is ideal for him because he can take advantage of both his horses’ speed and power, pushing them in their circles and laying down blazing stops. 

“Sharp Dressed Spook, he really amazed me. I didn’t expect [it]. He’s a little horse in a big pen and I didn’t know how he would handle it. I’ve never shown him in something this big. He handled it great,” Fappani said.

After a solid performance at the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Derby in June, Fappani is pleased his horses have continued to improve. According to Fappani, he is making the most of his time as a non-pro while he moves up through the levels.

Not to be outdone, Fappani’s father, Equi-Stat Elite $5 Million Rider Andrea, tied himself for the championships in the Futurity Level 4 Open and 3-Year-Old Developing Horse Open with Cocktails N Dreams and Gotta Get Diamonds. Each horse scored a 218.5 and earned $3,412. Cocktails N Dreams (Wimpyneedsacocktail x Myo Starlight x Paddys Irish Whiskey) is owned by Janet Peterson, while Gotta Get Diamonds belongs to Rancho Oso Rio.

The Reserve Champions in the Derby Level 4 Non-Pro were Xtra Voodoo Step and Rick Christen. Xtra Voodoo Step (Wimpys Little Step x Voodoo Chic x Smart Chic Olena) is 2012 mare owned by Christen himself. Together the pair cruised to a 220 in the reining pen, earning them $5,784. Christen won the Prime Time and Masters divisions, adding another $1,636 to his Reining By The Bay paycheck.  

Andrea Fappani won the developing horse futurity class with Cocktails N Dreams. • Photo by John O’Hara

Level 4 3-Year-Old Developing Horse Open Futurity
Cocktails N Dreams & Andrea Fappani
16S (Wimpyneedsacocktail x MYO Starlight x Paddys Irish Whiskey)
Owner: Janet Peterson, Menlo Park, CA
Breeder: Spence Bell, Maysville, OK

Foolin Whiz Guns and Micheal Boyle made the most of their Reining By The Bay run. • Photo by John O’Hara

3-Year-Old Developing Horse Futurity Level 2 Open
Foolin Whiz Guns & Micheal Boyle
16M (Colonels Shining Gun x Whizen Starlight x Topsail Whiz)
Owner:Kellie Meier, Dansville, CA
Breeder:Kellie Meier, Dansville, CA
Score: 216.5
Payout: $491

Sarah Nimigan and Show Your Face took advantage of the California sand.

Derby Level 1 Non-Pro
Show Your Face & Sarah Nimigam
15S (Pale Face Dunnit x Smartys Hot Tamale x Smart And Chromed)
Owner: Sarah Nimigan, Paris, ON, CN
Breeder: Jean Methot, Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, QC, CN
Score: 214.5
Payout: $1,866

Kim Muehlstaetter and Spooks Diamond Rio won two levels in the 4-Year-Old Stakes.

4-Year-Old Stakes Levels 4 & 3 Non-Pro
Spooks Diamond Rio & Kim Muehlstaetter
15S (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Shiney Diamond Lady x Shining Spark)
Owner: Kim & Martin Muehstaetter, Scottsdale, AZ
Breeder: Bobby Lewis, Overbrook, OK
Score: 218
Payout: $9,809

The 4-Year-Old Stakes Level 2 Non-Pro title was split between co-champions. Kelly Moran and Pale Quistador showed their stuff.

4-Year-Old Stakes Level 2 Non-Pro
Pale Quistador & Kelly Moran
13S (Pale Face Dunnit x Luz Del Conquistador x Conquistador Whiz)
Owner: Joe & Karen Moran, Laguna Hills, CA
Breeder: B.S. Syndicate, Scottsdale, AZ
Score: 216
Payout: $1,677

Co-Champion Dana Avila sported a monochromatic ensemble with pops of complementary colors as she and Whizkeymakesmefrisky surfed through the sand.

4-Year-Old Stakes Level 2 Non-Pro
Whizkeymakesmefrisky & Dana Avila
15M (Whizkey N Diamonds x One Smart Pepto x One Time Pepto)
Owner: Dana Avila, Temecula, CA
Breeder: Dana Avila, Temecula, CA
Score: 216
Payout: $1,677