Moms Stilish Cat, pictured with Taylor Carbo, is Moms Stylish Pepto's top earner. • Photo by Hart Photos

Moms Stylish Pepto — Mom of the Year

With progeny competing in cutting, reining and reined cow horse across the country, Moms Stylish Pepto is the top-producing dam. A 1998 Peptoboonsmal mare, Moms Stylish Pepto was a force to be reckoned with in the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) show pen, earning $118,817. After her successful performance career, she has gone on to outdo herself in the breeding shed, producing the earners of more than $1.4 million.

After holding last year’s lead on the Equi-Stat All-Industry Statistics as the top-producing dam on the Cutting, Reining and Reined Cow Horse; Cutting and Reined Cow Horse; and Cutting and Reining charts, Moms Stylish Pepto (out of Moms Stylish Kat x Docs Stylish Oak), owned since January 2008 by Rhodes River Ranch Inc. in Arlington, Washington, also rose to the top 25 on the Reining and Reined Cow Horse Dams chart this year.

Of Moms Stylish Pepto’s 20 performance-age progeny, 13 won money in cutting in the last 10 years, competing to a total of more than $1.1 million. Cutter Moms Stilish Cat (by High Brow Cat) is her highest earner overall with a total of $269,179 earned in the last decade. The stallion was the 2011 NCHA Super Stakes Open Co-Reserve Champion, the 2012 NCHA Summer Spectacular Amateur Champion and the 2013 NCHA Super Stakes Classic Limited Non-Pro Champion.

Moms Dual N Badger isn’t far behind Moms Stilish Cat. The 2008 gelding by Reys Dual Badger has contributed $196,720 from the cutting pen since 2009, as well. In all, there are seven cutters on Moms Stylish Pepto’s dam record with more than $100,000 each in earnings.

Moms Stylish Pepto’s qualities in the cutting arena also translated over to the reined cow horse industry. Her cow horse progeny have earned in excess of $105,000 since 2009. As of the 2019 Equi-Stat All-Industry Statistics, Moms Silverado Cat (by High Brow Cat) garnered $72,589; the Shine Like Hail gelding Moms Hail Cat brought home $14,750; Moms High Stylin, who is by High Brow Jackson, earned $9,827; and the High Brow Cat son Tin Top Kat claimed $8,675.

Tin Top Kat, a 2006 gelding, is also Moms Stylish Pepto’s second-highest earner in reining. He slid his way to add another $16,569 to her coffers. Her other reining competitor, Gibsons Finest, a 2013 Whizkey N Diamonds stallion, had earned $17,476 as of the statistics, bringing Moms Stylish Pepto to $34,045 in offspring reining earnings since 2009.

Moms Stylish Pepto’s No. 1 spot on the Equi-Stat All-Industry Cutting, Reining and Reined Cow Horse Dam chart is secure for now. She holds a lead by more than $600,000 over the No. 2 mare, Sheza Shinette. No matter where she lands in the statistics, though, Moms Stylish Pepto, who was shown to her lifetime earnings by numerous riders over the years — including Dana Lebsack, Matt Gaines, Craig Morris, Chubby Turner, Jett Milner and former owner Jerry Durant — has made her mark on the Western performance horse industry with the help of Rhodes River Ranch.

“They’re the ones that made the horse,” Durant said, giving credit where its due to the broodmare’s owner. “She wouldn’t have got that far if it wasn’t for them.”

Among the stallions that have crossed well with Moms Stylish Pepto are stallions High Brow Cat and Dual Rey, and their sons High Brow Jackson and Reys Dual Badger, said Rhodes River Ranch manager and head trainer Sean McBurney.

Although they would love to get more foals from Moms Stylish Pepto, McBurney admitted it is getting a little tough to get embryos from her now and they are probably not going to be able to do so.

Rhodes River Ranch does have a 3-year-old Reys Dual Badger prospect out Moms Stylish Pepto that is coming along nicely, McBurney said. “And,” he added, “we have a red roan yearling High Brow Jackson filly that we will keep.”

Rhodes River Ranch also owns a Smart Little Lena daughter out of Mom Stylish Pepto. She was bred to Dont Stopp Believin for a 2020 foal, and McBurney said those at the ranch are really excited about it.

When asked his favorites among Moms Stylish Pepto’s performers, McBurney quickly replied, “I really like the ones that have won over $100,000!”

McBurney didn’t spend time around Moms Stylish Pepto when she was young, since she was 10 when Rhodes River Ranch purchased her. But when asked to describe the 21-year-old mare’s personality, McBurney said she is fantastically minded.

“But,” he noted, “she’s tough and can get really feisty. Unless you have a treat for her or something like that, she’ll just walk away from you.”

Nevertheless, McBurney said that through the years, it’s been a pleasure to be around the mare, adding, “I’d just like to thank Jerry Durant for selling us that mare!”