NRCHA Creates New Award For Non-Pro Limited Horses

The National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) announced it will honor outstanding Non-Pro Limited horses with a new award.

The Pilot Point, Texas-based association announced Wednesday the Non Pro Limited Achievement Award, will now be offered as a way to recognize horses that excel in the Limited or “boxing” classes. It will begin this year as part of the NRCHA’s Merit Award Program.

The NRCHA Merit Award Program was created to recognize elite equine athletes that steadily succeed throughout their reined cow horse show career. Merit awards are determined by the horse’s NRCHA lifetime earnings – whether win checks are earned at regional or national level shows. The current award levels are: Certificate of Ability, Superior Cow Horse Award and Supreme Reined Cow Horse.

The NRCHA said it added the Non Pro Limited Achievement Award because its board of directors appreciates and recognizes the value Limited horses and riders contribute to the association.

Starting in 2019, Non Pro Limited and Youth Limited riders can apply for the Non Pro Limited Achievement Award, a new level of recognition specifically designed for horses that excel in the Limited or “boxing” classes.

The requirements are:

* The horse must have earned a minimum of $15,000

* The horse must have earned a minimum of $1,000 in Limited Aged Events, such as Derbies or Futurities. This money can be earned in either fence classes or boxing classes.

* A minimum of $10,000 must be earned in Horse Show Category 1 Limited or “boxing” classes, including monies earned in the Select and 13 and Under divisions.

* Monies earned in Category 2 classes will not count towards the award

Non Pro Limited Achievement Award recipients will receive a 16-by-20-inch custom wood plaque that includes a picture of their choice, the achievement certificate and NRCHA logo. All merit awards are presented at the NRCHA Year-End Banquet, held during the Celebration of Champions show in February.

To apply for the Merit Award Program, complete the application and submit a one-time fee of $50 to the NRCHA Office by Nov. 15 of the award year. All applicants are eligible for all levels of the Merit Award Program upon completion of each requirement. The NRCHA office calculates the applied horse’s show records and automatically processes the awards when each level is achieved.

For many reined cow horse owners and riders, achieving merit status is an honor to be treasured. Receiving an NRCHA Merit Award is a true testament of a horse’s consistent performance through all phases of traditional Vaquero training.

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