I'm happy to share knowledge while I can. • Photo by Roberto Iodice Photography

Happy to Help

I just returned home from my annual trip to Europe. I generally do three separate clinics with Europe’s top riders. This year, I visited Naples in South Italy, where I worked with some of the country’s best trainers. I then traveled to Switzerland to work with some extremely talented trainers and non-pros, and then on to Belgium to work with another great group.

The one thing that stands out to me now is how far the quality of Europe’s reining horses has come. When I first started traveling to Europe more than 20 years ago, there were a limited number of really good horses. When I returned this year, it was evident that we may see a day where we are going to have to go to them to purchase our best horses. I think we need to be aware that when we continually sell our best overseas that one day we will no longer have the best. It’s a great problem for them, but not so good for us!

I have been working with many of Europe’s best riders for years. It is amazing to me how much they have improved after I spend three days with them and I return the following year. They are truly a talented group.

I am thankful that my wife, Ginger, and I have been blessed with the many friends and colleagues we have been able to meet through our travels. I am humbled they think enough of me as a trainer to ask me to come every year. Sometimes it is hard to leave my business for those two weeks, but I know one day, as I get older, traveling will become more difficult. I am happy I am able to share my knowledge while I can.