19 Young Reiners To Take World Stage in Global Youth Reining Cup

The lineup of talented young riders has been chosen for a global reining challenge later this month in Italy. Riders will represent 19 countries, including the United States and Canada.

The first-ever edition of the Global Youth Reining Cup will he held on May 25 during the Slone del Cavllo Americano horse show in Cremona, Italy. Riders will compete just before the Italian Reining Horse Association (IRHA) Derby Open finals.

Created by Joao Marcos, owner of Cardinal Ranch, the event is put on through the support and approval of the IRHA, National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) and the Reining Horse Foundation (RHF).

“I am thrilled to see this dream come true for so many young riders around the world,” Joao Marcos said in a statement. “It is a wonderful opportunity for our sport and we look forward to hosting youth representing 19 countries. I would like to thank [NRHA European Council President] Roberto Cuoghi for his collaboration, NRHA, RHF, IRHA staff and International Horse Press for their support and hard work.”

The event is open to riders 12-18, with each country allowed one rider selected by its national affiliate. Competitors must be members of the National Reining Horse Youth Association. The championship will be run as NRHA Category 11. Riders were allowed to bring their own horses, but Italian horse owners donated mounts for those who hail from outside Europe.

This year’s lineup includes riders from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, and the United States.  

“It is an honor to be able to host the Global Youth Reining Cup in Italy and I look forward to welcoming youth from around the world to Cremona,” he said. “I have always believed in helping our youth grow and I would like to thank our sponsors, the owners that graciously provided the horses, and all those that contributed to the making of this event. I wish all the riders from around the globe the very best and, make sure you enjoy the ride. A special thank you goes to the parents of the youth riders: They are our Main Sponsors!”

The 2019 Global Youth Reining Cup Field (with countries): Valentina Tartara Moroni (Argentina), Mackinley Glover (Australia), Marie Guenser (Austria), Nimroid Vannietvelt (Belgium), Maria Luiza Michelin Fagundes (Brazil), Jannifer Neudorf (Canada), Morine Haingue (France), George Sternberg Allen (Great Britain), Erin Wielsma (Holland), Kitti Horvath (Hungary), Adi Kara (Israel), Matteo Bonzano (Italy), Diego Rios (Mexico), Jan Lucas Eitzen Wiens (Paraguay), Wiktoria Stanco (Poland), Andreu Nogue Puig (Spain), Pokin Pironchum (Thailand), Guillermo Gelmini (Uruguay) and Grace Wilson (United States).

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