Pale Taschka, a Warmblood Quarter Horse cross, jumping
Courtesy of Craig Schmersal

Pale Taschka: Reining Stud Meets Warmblood

Hi all!

Spring is on its way, finally! We had a cold, wet winter here in Arizona, with snow in Scottsdale! I’m glad we are back to the 70s with no rain. I have had a lot of inquires and comments about our experiment, Pale Taschka, so I’m going to tell you all about him.

Many of you have seen posts about Pale Taschka on Facebook. He is by Pale Face Dunnit and out of my wife’s Warmblood mare Vatashka. A few years ago, Ginger decided to try breeding her to Pale Face Dunnit. I am not really sure why she did that, but I have learned not to question her when it comes to her breeding decisions! Her comment was, “Well, at worst case, the resulting foal can be a good hunting or trail horse.”

When Pale Taschska was born, he was an extraordinary looking — a gorgeous buckskin with lots of white. Ginger was thrilled, even though he would be completely unconventional in the hunter ring. Growing up in the pasture with all of his half-brothers and –sisters, he towered over them. People coming to look at yearlings always asked about him; he was the strongest-looking colt out there. They would laugh when we told them how he was bred and generally they would ask, “Why did you do that?” I still have no answer.

Courtesy of Craig Schmersal

Not many of you know, but Ginger started showing in the hunter jumpers when she was 10 years old. It was not until her 20s that she started riding Western. Her love of the hunters has been passed down to our oldest son, Chris, who is a state trooper here in Arizona. She and Chris have had fun together sharing a couple of hunters over the years. Chris also had the opportunity to spend some time working for Colleen McQuay and several other trainers on the East Coast during his college years. Pale Taschka has been their project, with Chris doing almost all of the training. They started him over fences last month, and he has been better than any of us imagined. He is a beautiful mover with an easy, natural jump.

Who knows where he will go, but at this point, it does not matter. This journey between Ginger, Chris and Pale Taschka is fun to watch. The one thing I am amazed by is the brain and talent Pale Face Dunnit has put on yet another foal. Who knows, maybe we should breed more Warmbloods to Quarter Horses.


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