Gunna Tickle Ya
Gunna Tickle Ya was the highest-selling horse at $33,000. • Photo by Kelsey Pecsek Hruska

2019 Winter Premier Sale

Winter Premier Sale

Held Feb. 23, 2019

58 horses consigned

$541,100 gross for a $9,329 average

50 sold (86%), $465,600 net, $9,312 average and $8,350 median.

(RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell. 

Legend: Hip, horse, selling price, DOB, color, sex, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer, notes.

1          Showtimes Packinagun       $15,000

(3/5/2008 red dun m) (Mister Nicadual x Showtimes Tinseltown x Great Red Pine); Bred to SG Frozen Enterprize;  Garth Brown, Agent for Jeffery Palmer; Alan Chappell.

2          Showtimes Spook     $10,000

(4/29/2018 bay s) (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Showtimes Packinagun x Mister Nicadual); Garth Brown, Agent for Jeffery Palmer; Randall Tune.

3          Gunna Tickle Ya       $33,000

(2/10/2015 chestnut s) (Gunnatrashya x Showtimes Packinagun x Mister Nicadual); Garth Brown, Agent for Jeffery Palmer; Justin Michels, Agent for Meg McNamara.

4          Showtimes Lil Step  $12,000

(4/27/2011 palomino m) (Wimpys Little Step x Showtimes Packinagun x Mister Nicadual); Bred to SG Frozen Enterprize;  Garth Brown, Agent for Jeffery Palmer; Victor Barba.

5          Infernos Hot Step     $5,000

(4/24/2018 palomino s) (Inferno Sixty Six x Showtimes Lil Step x Wimpys Little Step); Garth Brown, Agent for Jeffery Palmer; Alan Chappell.

6          Mist Scoot      $10,000 (RNA)

(2/15/2007 sorrel m) (Smart Lil Scoot x Mists Prima Donna x Peptoboonsmal); Leslie Kancilia.

7          Tejons Sugar Pine    $7,500

(4/1/2002 dun m) (Tejons Peppy Doc x Go Red Pine x Great Red Pine); Bred to Inferno Sixty Six;  WW Ranch; Victor Barba.

8          Mickey The Mobster$10,000 (RNA)

(5/22/2016 buckskin s) (HF Mobster x Wimpys Pinesail x Wimpys Little Step); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent.

9          Naughty Hotty           $12,500

(1/25/2016 sorrel m) (Hottish x Who Dat Kitty x High Brow Cat); Thirty Two Cattle Co.; Gary Thede.

10        Easy N Nimble           $8,600

(1/19/2009 chestnut m) (Easy Otie Whiz x Abbie Be Nimble x The Jac Be Nimble); St-Onge Reining Horses, Agent for Sherm/Cheryl Lauder; Natalie Hair.

11        Calling Tinseltown   $14,000

(4/3/2014 palomino m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Call Me Marlena x Playboys Remedy); Jeff Petska; Thad York.

12        Bad Boon Rizen        $8,000 (RNA)

(3/6/2015 bay m) (Smart Boons x Lil Pretty Richochet x Smart Lil Ricochet); Alan Chappell.

13        Rest At Nite   $5,900

(4/6/2016 sorrel m) (Gunners Special Nite x Got My Rest x Smart Chic Olena); Wagman Ranch Inc.; Kathy Gentry.

14        SJR White Diamonds           $7,500

(2/13/2015 cremello m) (CD Diamond x Spooks Mariah x Smart Spook); Cathy Corrigan Frank; Natalie Hair.

15        Mifter Whiz  $9,500

(4/28/2015 sorrel g) (Topsail Whiz x Mifs Doll x Mifillena); Cardinal Reining Horses; Ty Smith.

16        Whizzy Loaded Gun            $11,500 (RNA)

(5/21/2014 sorrel g) (Hes A Loaded Gun x Issy Whizzy Whiz x Custom Crome); Justin Mathison, Agent.

17        California Buckles   $8,200

(2/8/2015 buckskin g) (Show Me The Buckles x Smart Starlight Girl x Grays Starlight); Rebeca Martin; Kyle Schmidt

18        MSU Smooth Criminal        $4,200

(4/29/2016 sorrel g) (Stylish Rey Gay x Smooth Little Pea x Smooth As A Cat); Leslie Kancilia; Debbie Crafton.

19        One Sharp Cat          $8,700

(2/22/2007 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x Little Smashed x Peppy San Badger); Danny Powell; Ty Smith.

20        Tinkering With Chics          $8,200

(2/17/2015 sorrel m) (Tinker With Guns x Sugarplum Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Kole Price; Kathy Gentry.

21        Rufanspook   $17,500

(1/18/2015 bay g) (Rufanicki x Spooks Remedy x Quanahs Col Remedy); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent; Alan Chappell.

22        Shiners Hot Cash     $6,000

(5/15/2018 sorrel s) (Lil Joe Cash x Shiners Hot Flash x Shining Spark); Lorenzo Lotti; Max Tallone.

23        Dun For Glory           $14,000 (RNA)

(2/16/2015 sorrel m) (Sparks Of Glory x Dun It Queen x Hollywood Dun It); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent.

24        Electric Babe$11,500

(3/29/2015 sorrel g) (Electric Code x Ima Sail Babe x Boomernic); Ashley Stroh; Ty Smith.

25        Styled By Gunner     $12,000

(2/3/2014 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Whiz Okie Style x Topsail Whiz); Jim McCutcheon, Agent; Peter DeFreitas.

25A     Lucky Sidekick         $6,900

(3/23/2016 chestnut g) (Smart Luck x A Shining Sidekick x Starbucks Sidekick); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Jake Conrad.

26        Leave It To Lucy        $4,500 (RNA)

(2/15/2006 sorrel m) (Sunolena Barrachone x CDs Forever Lady x CD Olena); Leslie Kancilia.

28        Rowdy Lil Mobster    $9,500

(4/14/2016 buckskin m) (HF Mobster x Rowdy Lil Commander x Commanders Nic); Max Tallone; Jodie Neudorf.

29        Goodness Graces      $8,000

(3/29/2015 sorrel g) (Colonels Smart Spook x Shining Grace x Shining Spark); Hershel/Shannon Reid; Alan Chappell. (Cribber).

30        Customized Rio        $10,700

(4/5/2015 bay g) (CFR Centenario Wimpy x Custom Cash In Roan x Custom Crome); Cardinal Reining Horses; Justin/Ashley Michels.

30A     Bodees Star   $12,000

(3/17/2014 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x MH Bodees Starlena x Bodee Boonsmal); Michelle Hanson; Ty Smith.

31        Freckles Jasmine      $8,500

(5/8/2006 bay m) (Kings Zantanon x Private Siemon x Colonel Freckles); Bred to Hickory Holly Time;  DT Horses LLC; Victor Barba.

32        Jerseys Special Nite$10,500

(5/29/2016 palomino m) (Yellow Jersey x Round Midnite x Gunners Special Nite); Jennifer Greenleaf; Greg Steckel.

34        Gunners Affair         $5,700

(1/3/2018 sorrel m) (Gunners Special Nite x Our Major Affair x Major Vaquero); Chuck Stinner; Walter Fuchs.

35        Slynky Sugar Bars   $5,500

(3/9/2004 bay m) (Kings Zantanon x Private Siemon x Colonel Freckles); Bred to Hickory Holly Time;  DT Horses LLC; Ty Smith.

37        Revolution Gun        $7,000

(3/24/2016 sorrel m) (Einsteins Revolution x Watch My Guns x Colonels Smoking Gun); Cardinal Reining Horses; Jose L. Quijada.

38        Suzanas Lena Doc    $10,000

(4/28/2005 sorrel m) (Shiners Lena Doc x Sparkles Suzana x Zan Parr Bar); Bred to Hickory Holly Time;  DT Horses LLC; Ty Smith.

39        Doubles Irish Twist   $3,300

(2/20/2011 dun g) (Poco Playin Double x Dipsys Bob Cat x Smokeys Bob Cat); Leslie Kancilia; Joe Simon.

40        Pending          $2,700

(1/1/2018 sorrel s) (Stylish Rey Gay x KR A Special Tee x Tejons Peppy Doc); Anderson Cattle Co.; Ty Smith.

41        Chics Rowdy Nite     $7,200

(2/16/2013 sorrel m) (Gunners Special Nite x Rowdy Whiz Chic x Rowdy Yankee); Bred to Dun It For Whizkey;  WW Ranch; Jose L. Quijada. (Broke to ride).

42        Play Sally Play          $3,700

(2/23/2017 bay m) (Play Dual Rey x KF Peptos Sally x Peptos Stylish Oak); Anderson Cattle Co.; Scot Meeks.

43        The Buckle Diva        $8,000

(3/1/2016 buckskin m) (Show Me The Buckles x Great Black Cody x Topsail Cody); Rebeca Martin; Curt Webb.

44        Magnifisent   $15,000

(3/27/2016 sorrel g) (Magnum Chic Dream x Heavenly Rooster x Gallo Del Cielo); Casey/Kathy Hinton, Agent; Lorraine McGuinness.

45        Mister Gunner Man$7,500

(4/18/2014 sorrel g) (Gunners Special Nite x Remedy Dot Com x Reminic); Harold Clemmer; Justin/Ashley Michels. (Weaves in stall).

46        Smoke My Boots       $4,000

(4/23/2002 sorrel m) (Doc O Boots x Alexandra Smoke x Mr Solano Smoke); Embryo by Once In A Blu Boon; Brooke Wharton; Desiree Westfall.

47        Lil Lady Has Pep       $2,700

(4/7/2004 sorrel m) (Lil Ruf Peppy x Most Likely Lady x Great Pine); Broodmare; Judy Brolick; Justin/Ashley Michels. (Sells open).

48        Traildust Oaks Last  $12,000 (RNA)

(6/2/2001 sorrel m) (Doc’s Oak x Lashawns Doc x Bob Acre Doc); Leslie Kancilia.

49        Dreaming About Cash         $10,500

(3/19/2017 red dun s) (Lil Joe Cash x Magnita x Magnum Chic Dream); Casey/Kathy Hinton, Agent; Tom Benbow.

50        Spook N Boon            $9,500

(4/11/2017 bay s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Starlights Natalie x Grays Starlight); Thirty Two Cattle Co.; Carrie J. Garland.

51        Shesshootinforgold  $22,000

(3/26/2015 sorrel m) (PRF Spoonful Of Gold x Gunners Easter Lilly x Colonels Smoking Gun); Cathy Corrigan Frank; Wendy Kuhn.

52        Cols Cajun Doll        $4,000

(4/5/2004 bay m) (General Dynamics x Cayanne Pepper Doc x Docs Amberjack); Bred to Hickory Holly Time;  DT Horses LLC; Victor Barba.

53        Smart Blu      $15,000

(4/17/2017 bay m) (Once In A Blu Boon x Miss Smart Dualler x The Dualler); Randle Tune; Myles Brown.

54        Sarahs Little Boom  $2,500

(4/22/2008 palomino m) (Mr Boomerjac x Miss Daily Solano x Doc’s Solano); Mary Lou Gott; Rhea Pole.

55        KR Gunna Tee Off    $4,400

(3/23/2016 sorrel m) (Gunnatrashya x KR English Tee x Tejons Peppy Doc); Tamra Kyle; Curt Webb.

56        La Estrellita   $5,500 (RNA)

(6/1/2010 sorrel m) (Cats Merada x Star Bar Starlight x Grays Starlight); Leslie Kancilia.

57        Starlightssundaybest           $7,000

(4/19/2011 red dun m) (Starlights Sonny x Holms Fine Sunday x Poco Docs Jessie); Mary Baks; Debra Mills. (Needs turnout and regular maintenance on knees and hocks).

59        Beasts Gone N Dunit            $10,000

(3/13/2015 buckskin g) (Colonels Smoken Chex x Ima Carmel Twist x Dun It With A Twist); Daniela Picciotti; Alan Chappell.

60        No Dress Rehearsal  $15,500

(3/3/2016 blue roan m) (Hickory Holly Time x Uno What Weeno x Smart Little Uno); Christian Lybbert, Agent; Lucinda Lawton-Reuter.