SDP Buffalo Ranch stallion roster

Meet the Buffalo Ranch Stallions

Darren Moore, in his perfect voice, said over the speaker, “SDP Buffalo Ranch is bringing 18 stallions on Thursday, the 21st. Be sure to stop by, say ‘Hi,’ and meet the stallions from 4 to 7 p.m.” As I hear that, the checklist starts running through my mind, and that checklist is LONG.

We absolutely love working with everyone at the National Reined Cow Horse Association and love that we get to bring the amazing SDP Buffalo Ranch stallions for everyone to see and meet. We hope seeing them and interacting with them will help people make their breeding decisions­ and create future champions. We look forward to this event; it is a lot of fun. We love meeting everyone and building lasting relationships. It makes all the work that goes into this so worth it!

I thought it would be fun to talk about ALL THAT WORK. In theory, you load them on the trailer and go to town, right? But is it really that simple? NOPE! People say women are high maintenance. Have those people ever been around stallions before? Don’t get me wrong, we are in the stallion business and we 100 percent choose to be, because WE LOVE THEM! But with that love comes a lot of sassy attitudes and special conditions. It literally takes a village to get them to this event at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Three trucks, three trailers, three drivers. Two days of bathing and shining up. This one has to be hauled next to this one; this one can’t be hauled next to that one. And then, once on the road, it is living on a prayer. Do you know how much money is on the road? Just wrap your head around that for a minute.

OK once we make it and all are in one piece, that is where it gets COOL. Last year we all felt super nostalgic walking stallions like Third Cutting, TR Dual Rey, Hydrive Cat and the late, great Light N Lena back into the Will Rogers. They are all LEGENDS! It was a very proud moment for all of us. I am sure it will be again — times 10 — with our 2019 stallion roster additions, Boon Too Suen, High Brow CD and PG Heavily Armed, just to mention a few.

Below are the stallions that will be at the social:

Buffalo Ranch Stallion Roster

And, making his debut appearance as an SDP stallion … SDP Hy Rey Bound!

Clay Volmer riding stallion Hy Rey Bound
Photo by Primo Morales

Please come by and visit. We look forward to seeing y’all!

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