2019 Reined Cow Horse Owner Statistics

The Equi-Stat Owner Statistics were first published by Quarter Horse News in 2012. This statistical section was established to recognize cutting, reining and reined cow horse owners for their horses’ accomplishments in the show pen. The owners range from veterans — who have been in the industry for decades — to new- comers, all of whom are equally important and a mainstay to future industry success.

These owner statistics include major limited-age event earnings recorded in Equi-Stat through Dec. 31, 2018, in cutting, reining and reined cow horse. All cutting weekend earnings recorded through August 2018 are included, as is ancillary reining money listed in Equi-Stat from 1988 through Aug. 31, 2018. The reined cow horse horse show monies reflected are those recorded in Equi-Stat from 1993 through August 2018. Closed incentives that are not open to all horses are not included.

Equi-Stat’s Up-and-Comer charts include earnings from 2013 through Dec. 31, 2018, with the same limitations as listed above in regard to any-age earnings. These on-the- rise owners are beginning to establish their names among the all-time industry leaders within their respective disciplines. In order to qualify as an up-and-comer, owners had to end the 2012 show season with owner earnings of $50,000 or less in cutting, $20,000 or less in reining and $10,000 or less in reined cow horse.

Earnings attributed to a dam in Equi- Stat include monies earned by clones of her offspring. Similarly, monies earned by the offspring of clones are included in the respective generation’s statistics.

The Equi-Stat Owner Statistics contain information that was compiled, researched and tabulated by Equi-Stat, a division of Cowboy Publishing Group. The contents and statistics in this issue are copyright- ed 2019 by Quarter Horse News, 2112 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, TX 76107; telephone 817-737-6397; fax 817-727-9266.

All Ages/All Divisions

Owner/Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $

1. ANNE M. REYNOLDS     $1,401,537
King Hill, ID – Magical Lena, $158,697; Very Shiney, $128,753; Shiney And Verysmart, $101,632; More Magic Please, $96,406; Very Smart Remedy, $83,892

2. WARD RANCH    $1,213,867
Tulare, CA – Reminics Pep, $128,500; Black Pearl, $120,203; Smart Little Pepinic, $79,436; Kiss Me A Little, $66,318; Miss Smokin It, $61,601

Santa Ynez, CA – Hes Shinettes CD, $190,739; CD Survivor, $152,723; Starlight Kisses, $103,347; Nabisco Roan, $93,285; Shady Lil Starlight, $84,344

4. SAN JUAN RANCH         $922,705
Weatherford, TX – CD Diamond, $153,320; SJR Diamond Mist, $128,000; Stylish Little Oak, $125,948; SJR Diamond Rey, $75,591; Shiners Diamond Girl, $69,018

5. GARDINER QUARTER HORSES           $860,047
Ashland, KS – Hickory Holly Time, $173,369; Hes Wright On, $121,235; Plain Wright, $88,195; Shiney Senorita, $52,720; Cuttin Wright Up, $42,596


Owner/2013-2018 Earnings/Earnings Through 2012/Total Earnings/Location/Top Performers, $

1. AARON RANCH  $392,797         $883    $393,680
Commerce, TX – Blind Sided, $215,852, Cashed My CD, $71,730, Lighten Up Boss, $49,740, Blue Sting Rey, $10,421, A Shiner Named Sioux, $8,422

2. TRIPLE D RANCHES LLC           $242,893         $9,950 $252,843
Dyer, NV – Time For The Diamond, $143,188, Smooth Bellingrath, $97,981, JP Royal Boon, $9,950, JP Show Berry, $947, Very Smart Rico, $777

3. ROBBIE MCKAY $235,841         $4,054 $239,895
Okotoks, AB, CN – Cats Picasso, $150,336, Big Time In Cowtown, $55,611, Smooth Lil Starlight, $15,433, Caught Ya Lookin Too, $9,474, Tha Big Smoke, $5,757

4. BEVERLY VAUGHN       $226,301         $0        $226,301
Durango, CO – Metallic Train, $130,032, Bet Hesa Boon, $40,278, Very Blu, $30,142, Stylish In Socks, $13,500, Attracted To Royalty, $6,489

5. ESTELLE ROITBLAT      $223,001         $0        $223,001
Templeton, CA – Call Me Mitch, $166,092, Jackies Sparkle, $56,909