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2019 Augusta Futurity Sale

Augusta Futurity Sale

Held Jan. 19, 2019

45 horses consigned

$228,000 gross for a $5,067 average

37 sold (82%), $172,600 net, $4,665 average and $3,000 median.

(RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.

Legend: Hip, horse, selling price, DOB, color, sex, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer, notes.

01        Playin With Time        $3,400

(5/22/2010 chestnut g) (Red Play Time x Pany Safari x Badger Safari); Scott Roberts; Regan Stone.

01A     So Many Reys$4,000

(1/11/2017 sorrel m) (Reys Dual Badger x Red Royal Cat x High Brow Cat); W.S. “Billy” Morris III/Creek Plantation; Isera Gray.

02        Lil Dixie Deb   $1,500

(1/3/2017 gray m) (Bluetooth x Lil Peppy Deb x Wheeling Peppy); Haynes Maier Studstill, Agent for Big Creek Farms; Julie Driggers.

03        Pending           $1,400

(1/1/2016 sorrel m) (Nitros Peppy Boomer x Sheena Peppy Lynx x Haidas Peppy Lynx); Ryan Smith, Agent for Renick Tuell; Phillip Harrell.

05        Dunit Corona Gold     $1,400 (RNA)

(6/1/2017 palomino m) (Double Dunit x Jacks Barefoot Lady x Sonnys Golden Jack); Ashley Briley.

06        Majors Lucky Lena     $6,700

(3/22/2015 sorrel g) (Sparkling Major x CF Spice Girl x Lucky Little Lena); J & J Farms; Angela Heath.

07        Chulo Cat        $10,500 (RNA)

(2/18/2014 bay g) (Stylin Cat x Chula Chica x Chula Dual); Homeplace Horse & Cattle. (Spot in eye, 98% vision reported).

09        Rockin Witha Gun      $2,000

(3/2/2017 sorrel s) (Rockin W x Nylas Dualin Guns x Playgun); Greg Mullis; Rick Beck.

10        One Time River Cat    $9,250 (RNA)

(4/6/2017 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x Cats River Rat x High Brow Cat); Casey Moore.

11        Tronas Bella Donna    $3,000

(2/25/2016 chestnut m) (Little Trona x Glo A Little Smarter x King Glo Solano); Benjie Neely; Charles King.

12        Creeks Smart Lena     $13,000

(5/8/2008 bay s) (Smart Little Lena x Creeks Miss Smoothie x Wheeling Peppy); W.S. “Billy” Morris III/Creek Plantation; Homeplace Horse & Cattle.

13        Pete (GR)        $4,200

(1/1/2007 dun g) ( x  x ); Billy Kidd; Jamie Sandier.

13A     South Carolena           $1,400 (RNA)

(5/29/2017 sorrel m) (Catty Dualolena x Seda Lena x Lenas Jewel Bars); Rebecca Collins.

14        NRR Coles Clarabel    $11,500 (RNA)

(5/7/2015 red roan m) (NRR Cat King Cole x Boons Holi Day x Duals Blue Boon); Matt Croom.

16        Tia Peppy Ann$1,900

(3/3/2002 sorrel m) (Peponitas Acre x Goldie Lena x Kings Gold Olena); Bred to Stylin Cat;  Monty Nix; Michael Jackson. (Broodmare sound only).

17        The Last Jedi  $3,100

(3/19/2017 chestnut s) (Little Trona x Glo A Little Smarter x King Glo Solano); Benjie Neely; Charles King.

18        Athen It Twice  $20,000

(4/26/2012 chestnut g) (Athena Puddy Cat x Got The Dually N Her x Dual Pep); Jeff Fehrman; Homeplace Horse & Cattle.

19        Bettin With Gin           $2,600

(4/8/2017 red roan s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Miss Gin Smoothie x Wheeling Peppy); Homeplace Horse & Cattle; Lindsey Parker.

20        Sip A Lil          $4,000

(3/10/2015 sorrel m) (Creeks Smart Lena x Miss Gin Smoothie x Wheeling Peppy); Bred to Smart Reyvolution; W.S. “Billy” Morris III/Creek Plantation; Lindsey Parker. (Sells with breeding to Cattalou, superficial bump on right rear leg, reported sound).

21        That Scalded Cat        $1,450 (RNA)

3/22/2010 sorrel m) (That Sly Cat x Jaebars Starlet x Smart Little Jaebar); Bred to Sigala Rey; Kevin Walden, Agent for Gerda Williams. (Sound to ride).

22        Mr Hancock Val         $4,400

(4/8/2012 bay g) (Wagon Stake x Holly Keep Playing x Hes Playingforkeeps); David Edens; Guy Graden.

23        Two Timen Princess    $7,400 (RNA)

(5/2/2016 sorrel m) (NRR Cat King Cole x Two Timen Pepto x Peptos Playboy); Matt Croom, Agent for Jason/Susie Reed. (Paid up for 2019 NCHA Futurity).

24        ESR Judah      $20,000

(3/7/2017 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Duals Miss Lilly x Dual Pep); Chip Atkinson; Homeplace Horse & Cattle.

25        Cat On A Hotwire       $6,400

(4/3/2014 sorrel g) (Little Dulces Rey x Smart Misty Cat x High Brow Cat); Matt Williams, Agent for James May; Chris Wonderley.

26        Autumn Hawk$3,000

(4/30/2017 sorrel s) (Catty Hawk x Autumn Ruby Reys x Vaca Rey); Barnwell Ramsey; Lauren Carroll.

27        PRF Hals No Limit      $10,000

(4/4/2013 sorrel m) (Halreycious x Dualin Catolina x High Brow Cat); Biff Barrier; Kimberley Hill.

28        Smooth Little Rey       $2,700

(3/18/2017 sorrel s) (Dual Smart Rey x Dualin Smooth x Smooth As A Cat); Sam/Teresa Little; Cooper Smith.

29        Gunny Sparks  $5,600

(4/20/2015 sorrel g) (Gunners Tinseltown x See Lena Shine x Shiners Lena Doc); J & J Farms; Angela Heath.

31        Cat Royale      $12,000

(5/17/2011 chestnut m) (Royal Fletch x Haidas Little Cat x Haidas Little Pep); Renick Tuell; Homeplace Horse & Cattle.

32        Irelandsjazzabelle       $1,400

(2/9/2015 palomino m) (JV Brinks Dual Jazz x Cee Peppys Snip x Little Peppy Snip); Gerald Horne; Frankie Richardson.

33        Bud Lightning$2,500

(3/3/2015 bay g) (Bluetooth x Lil Peppy Deb x Wheeling Peppy); Haynes Maier Studstill, Agent for Big Creek Farms; Rick Beck.

35        Making It Rein            $5,700

(4/30/2015 sorrel m) (TR Dual Rey x Electric Moon x Jacs Electric Spark); J & J Farms; Thomas White.

36        SJR Smooth Natalie    $12,500 (RNA)

(3/18/2015 bay m) (Smooth As A Cat x Natalie Rey x Dual Rey); Homeplace Horse & Cattle.

37        Miss Barbi Tari Lena  $1,000

(2/10/2018 bay m) (Creeks Smart Lena x Miss Freckles N Pep x Wheeling Peppy); W.S. “Billy” Morris III/Creek Plantation; Angela Heath.

38        Pepto Boon Dockers    $4,000

(3/21/1999 sorrel m) (Peptoboonsmal x Cee Miss San Man x Freckles San Man); Renick/Pam Tuell; Phillip Harrell.

39        SR Royal Blue Cat      $1,900

(6/1/2017 brown m) (Fletch That Cat x Blue Boon Rising x Peptoboonsmal); Debra Lesto; Shawn Carter.

40        SDP Driven To Reno   $4,500

(5/13/2009 sorrel m) (Hydrive Cat x Dox Miss N Reno x Miss N Cash); Dan McElrath; Lindsey Parker. (Sold twice).

41        Pending           $1,700

(5/7/2017 sorrel g) (Gold From Home x MH Move For The Win x Movin On Hickory); S.M. Leake; Rick Beck.

43        Coverts Starlight        $1,200

(3/8/2018 sorrel m) (Coverts Rising Star x Della Starlight x Starlights Joy); Cal Deloach, Agent for South Creek Cattle Co.; Becky Pardue.

44        Bar Cinnamon Freckle            $2,000

(5/30/2014 sorrel m) (Wimpys Diamond Leo x Doubly Innocent x Lost Innocence); Palmetto Cross Ranch; Kim Smart.

45        Once For All Time       $1,900

(4/17/2017 bay m) (Blue One Time x Prissy But Smart x Smart Lil Paradign); Gordon Amstutz; Diane Reeves.

46        JV Brinks Dual Jazz   $1,500

(4/26/2001 sorrel s) (Dual Jazz x Prissys Vision x Brinks Royal Lee); Gerald Horne; Michael Waters.

47        Kitty Purr Lena          $1,600

(2/8/2018 sorrel m) (Creeks Smart Lena x Red Royal Cat x High Brow Cat); W.S. “Billy” Morris III/Creek Plantation; Lorie Anderson.

48        SR Jazzy Lil Kitty       $2,700

(2/27/2017 chestnut m) (Fletch That Cat x Jazalenabell x Quejanaisalena); Debra Lesto; A.W. Combs.

49        Platinum Label            $4,100

(5/24/2017 chestnut m) (Cats Moonshine x Twistin Millie x Freckles Fancy Twist); Ashleigh Gleaton; Kimberley Hill.