PG Heavily Armed showing at the cutting futurity
Photo Courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

There’s a New Gun in Town

Today, I feel impressed to share with my readers the freakishly amazing run that James Payne had on PG Heavily Armed last week in the second round of the Mercuria/National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Open World Finals. They marked an ASTOUNDING 232!

Check this out:

My hat’s off to James and his whole crew. Wow! The degree of difficulty coupled with the accuracy in this run is the stuff of legends. That PG Heavily Armed – or as he’s affectionately nicknamed, “Bay” – has the ability to do this is amazing. And how exciting is that for me as the stallion manager? It is like shouting from the rooftops exciting!

There are many things to be impressed about with PG Heavily Armed. What he can and has done in the show pen is one, but there is so much more. His maintenance, or lack thereof, is nearly zero. Watch that run again. See how physically he moves and can stop. Soundness – check!

Correct conformation is essential in how sound a horse can be while performing their duty or desired task. Do they have the proper form to function? PG Heavily Armed has that in spades. He stands 14.3 hands and is as developed, balanced and correct as one can be. Conformation, check!

PG Heavily Armed conformation shot
Photo Courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Heart and mind is brought up a lot in performance horses. A good horse has to have heart, when the going gets tough, can you rely on them? Not only do they have to have heart, try and integrity but do they have the mind to be able to be put in those tough spots to be put to the extra limits? Heart and mind, check!

Pedigree is a big deal in all breeding. It is said that pedigree predicts performance. Ever go to a horse auction and look at a bunch of yearlings? What is the single biggest factor of value for a yearling at auction? If you say what they look like, you’d be wrong. It is pedigree. After that, there are other important factors, but pedigree is nine times out of 10 the first question folks will ask you. “How’s that one bred?” In a cutting/cow horse world dominated by High Brow Cat, Dual Rey and Peptoboonsmal, guess what? This bay stud is ready for you! He has one of the great all-time leading sires as sire and an NCHA Horse of the Year as dam. Pedigree, check!

2019 will be PG Heavily Armed’s first year at stud. It’s time to board this train as he is rolling out!

Are you armed for success?

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