Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch


I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing to pin all of our hopes and dreams on one show, but that is what we do in our industry. The FUTURITY, whether it is cutting, reining, reined cow horse or now barrel racing, the Futurity is the gold standard for each discipline.

It is the reason why these horses get trained to do what they do. No one pays for a horse to be trained for 18 months to two years so they can have a $5,000 Novice Non-Pro weekend horse. These horses get trained to win the Futurity!

I wish it were different, but it is not. There are huge financial hurdles that all show horses must go through to become a finished competitor. At $1,000 per month in training, veterinary care, farrier bills, hauling, pre-works, per diem, etc., this might not be the “Sport of Kings,” but it sure takes a king’s ransom to get them ready to walk in that pen.

We do this not only because we love it and are passionate about it, but we do it because of the chance to get the big check! One Futurity champion is crowned, but we all “roll the dice” to be that one.

We have an industry, but not because of one show; we have an industry because of many. At the same time, as I just mentioned, we only have an industry because of one show. Chicken or the egg, eh?

As a breeder, I want to thank all those that go through this process of starting, training and finishing a show horse.  Nothing in this game is more rewarding to me than producing a winner. The only way I get to experience that thrill is because of the magic, which only the Futurity brings.

So yes, the Futurity is a BIG FRIGGING DEAL! Good luck to everyone this year! I hope y’all are second! LOL