Dennis Moreland demonstrating how to attach spur straps

Safety Made Simple: How to Attach Spur Straps with Button Covers

Along with a properly fitting spur (, a good, durable spur strap is an important part of making sure your spurs are secure and allowing you to communicate with your horse correctly. Along with being durable and dependable, all the spur straps ( at Dennis Moreland Tack are made with an important safety feature: The inside spur button is covered with a thin leather teardrop so you won’t catch your buttons on each other or on your jeans and trip. This is important especially when doing any kind of ground work with your horses, colts or cattle. It is also important if you’re a calf roper, steer roper, goat tier or ride in any other discipline that requires dismounting and running.

Spur straps with button covers might look like they could be difficult to put on your spurs, but it really can be quite simple. Follow along with the instructions and video below to learn how easy it can be to attach these kinds of spur straps. It is a quick process that could save you from a wreck down the road.

The items you will need to attach your spur straps are a small flat screwdriver, a pair of needle nose pliers and your spurs and straps. If you would like to soften the leather on the spur strap before trying to attach them, you can wipe down the area around the openings with some Bentley’s Saddle Soap ( or even a little bit of warm water.

With any spur strap that has some shape to it, you want to make sure the straps are on the correct side. The buckle should be facing outward and the flat part of the strap should lay against the inside of your foot and over the top to where it meets the buckle.

First, spread the opening in the outside strap (smaller strap with buckle) using the pliers. Push the edge of the outside button through the hole. Wedge the screwdriver in the opening on top of and parallel with the button. Leverage the strap behind the button with the screwdriver.

For the larger strap, spread the opening in the back of the inside strap with the pliers. Place one edge of the inside button in the opening. Using the screwdriver leverage the leather on the opposite side of the opening over the top of the button.

Dennis Moreland Tack produces many styles of handmade spur straps ( with most styles available in 3 sizes to fit the whole family. From our simplest straight spur straps to our pull-through straps, each design comes in your choice of basket stamped harness leather or tight fibered but flexible racetrack leather. If you order a pair of spurs ( at the same time, I will gladly put on the straps for you. For more information give us a call at 817-312-5305 or visit

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