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NCHA Launches Free Membership Initiative

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is offering free introductory memberships to riders who have been competing in unapproved classes at weekend shows and Challenger events.

The NCHA sent this graphic to its affiliates on Tuesday, Nov. 20, saying it would begin offering free memberships to cutters competing in unauthorized classes. Other restrictions apply. • NCHA.

A Nov. 20 email from the association said the membership offer was open to any cutter competing in the unapproved classes who has not been an NCHA member before or within the last three years. The offer will include a free online version of the association’s publication, the Cutting Horse Chatter, as well as online access to the NCHA rulebook, a membership card and the ability to compete at NCHA events.

The email was addressed to NCHA affiliates and show secretaries, and included graphics the affiliates could use to promote the program.

“Please take advantage of this opportunity to promote the sport of cutting at your shows,” the email stated. “NCHA wants to help you increase your entries by giving your affiliate members who have been competing in the unapproved classes at the Weekend [sic] and Challenger level shows, an opportunity to compete in NCHA approved classes.”

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