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NCHA Judging Contest Adds New Age Division

Entries are open for the 2018 National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Judging Contest. The competition will be held in conjunction with the NCHA Futurity.

This year, the NCHA is welcoming a new division to the contest – FFA/4-H Senior Youth Division (14-18) – along with the established collegiate division. The competition, which will be held Nov. 30 through Dec. 1 at Will Rogers Memorial Complex in Fort Worth, will be sponsored this year by Holy Cow Performance Horses.

“This event will not only provide a more in-depth educational aspect of cutting horse events,” said NCHA Director of Judges Russell McCord. “It will help the younger generation of equine enthusiasts understand how to recognize a well-rounded performance in the arena, as well as outside of one.”

McCord noted that many of today’s agricultural professionals took part in a judging team of some sort in their earlier years. McCord hopes this event will provide that very same opportunity to those who wish to become more involved in a friendly, learning environment that is joined with healthy competition.

The contest will include a rulebook test, penalty clip test, and the scoring of two sets of runs. Although the contestants will be judging cutting horses, judgers from all disciplines are welcome to participate. The entries are due Friday, Nov. 9. Entry forms can be found online at or click here to view a printable entry form.

It is the goal of the NCHA that, by making these judging competitions available, to make this event an investment in younger generations so they may be able to, one day, thrive from this experience and gain more knowledge of their own abilities as well as those from their equine counterparts. The future of the NCHA fully rests in the hands of those who will take on the legacies that will be left behind. 

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