headshot of light n lena in his turnout
Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Light N Lena (2000-2018)

The first time I saw Light N Lena was in 2006, when he and Phil Rapp made the 5/6-Year-Old Open finals at the Brazos Bash. I remember as clear as day my first impression of him, with that beautiful flaxen mane and tail flowing and sweeping around in the pen. He had a look, style and presence to him that stuck with me. As a horseman, first impressions mean a lot.

Having Light N Lena at our place for the past four years was a joy. He was easily a barn favorite. Sweet-natured does not begin to describe him. He was so chill; nothing ever fazed him. Studs can be loud, obnoxious, flamboyant and downright irritating at times. Not Light N Lena. He was a perfect gentleman. Lots of people say that about studs, but with him – all truth.

Light N Lena Profile

He was and is such an amazing sire! He never got the amount of attention from the mare owners that I think he should. Check this out:

Light N Lena's Top 20 performers table

That is just the top 20! The top 20 average is a whopping $92,000! His overall average per performer is an outstanding $29,003. Light N Lena is a $2 million sire, the sire of three National Cutting Horse Association Triple Crown event champions and the No. 1 son of Grays Starlight.

What the Martins have done with him is just remarkable. Billy Martin deserves so much credit for this success, as well. With all of the professional concerns he has had in his business, he himself went and started most of these horses and gave them the foundations to go out and win. Of course, Light N Lena is a great sire, but Bill has been a huge part of this. The whole family has. I have total respect for them.

That brings me to my greatest treasure on this horse. He connected me to a family that I love and respect. The Martins are awesome people, truly genuine. It makes me sad to lose the intimate connection that Light N Lena gave us. I thank him for his time with us, and I will always miss him.

I’ve heard all dogs go to heaven. I don’t know about all horses, but Light N Lena is there now. I guarantee that.