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The CRCA Last Chance Futurity was canceled due to weather concerns. • Photo by Performance Horse Photography

Expected Poor Weather Forces CRCA Show Cancelation

The Colorado Reined Cow Horse Association (CRCA) has made the decision to cancel the CRCA Last Chance Futurity due to weather precautions. The show was to be held Nov. 30-Dec. 2 at the Kiplinger Arena in McCook, Nebraska.

Meteorologists predict surrounding areas of Nebraska and Colorado will receive 3-9 inches of snow in the next few days, particularly areas many show participants will be traveling through. The weekend of Nov. 30, McCook expects to see a mix of rain, sleet and snow, with a chance of temperatures dropping below freezing.

Dave Dillman, CRCA president, said he has had many people calling in already to cancel their entries for the show.

“The board felt that with the amount of people canceling, not only is there the possibility of someone getting hurt, but also the club was going to lose a lot of money, so we needed to protect that,” Dillman said. 

Since many were canceling their entries, the CRCA’s decision to cancel the show was appreciated by most.

The CRCA does not plan on rescheduling the Last Chance Futurity for this year; however, the association plans to have the show next year on a better date in hopes of it recovering. Due to the National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity being pushed later into October, a lot of the local futurities in Colorado were covered up.

“This year we couldn’t get any dates until the first week of December, so we put the show in Nebraska and renamed it since it isn’t the ‘Colorado Futurity,’” Dillman said of the show, which was to have a total of $16,500 added between the futurity, derby, hackamore, two-rein and bridle classes.

The CRCA events start back in February, and the association will have a show about every month for the 2019 year. Find out more information on the CRCA website at