2018 NRCHA Select 2-Year-Old Sale Results

NRCHA Select 2-Year-Old Sale

Held Oct. 19, 2018

33 horses consigned

$607,900 gross for a $18,421 average

27 sold (82%), $447,900 net, $16,589 average and $15,000 median.

(RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.

Legend: Hip, horse, selling price, DOB, color, sex, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer, notes.

1008    RN Wood Be Royalty            $14,000 (RNA)

(5/10/2016 sorrel g) (Woody Be Tuff x Royalty Cat x High Brow Cat); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence.

1009    Play Me Please          $7,000

(3/26/2016 bay m) (Play Dual Rey x ARC Cee Me Please x Chic Please); Todd Crawford; Chad Harper.

1010    Here Comes The Boon         $50,000

(4/10/2016 bay roan s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Stay Outta My Shorts x Shorty Lena); Myles Brown; Susan Steward.

1011    Hydrive Shorty          $15,500

(2/9/2016 bay s) (Hydrive Cat x Miss Shorty Paloma x Shorty Lena); ML Training Stables LLC; Giacomo Mattioli.

1012    Metallic Maverick     $15,000

(3/1/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Widows May Play x Widows Freckles); Marilyn W. Harris; Giacomo Mattioli.

1013    Catty Charmer         $9,000

(3/4/2016 bay s) (Catty Hawk x Little Gray Freckles x Playgun); Walter Greeman; Jenna Bell.

1014    Sly Spender   $16,000

(3/11/2016 sorrel g) (Im Countin Checks x Sly Angel x That Sly Cat); Cayley Wilson Performance Horses; Robert Valdez.

1015    Ristaboon       $22,000

(5/19/2016 red roan s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Catarista x Smart Aristocrat); John/Mary Dangelmayr; Megan Weaver.

1016    Shes The Cat Sass    $15,500

(4/5/2016 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Shining N Sassy x Shining Spark); Hunter Meinzer, Agent for Roxanne Koepsell; Harry DeHaan.

1017    Loves Blu Boon         $21,000

(3/18/2016 black s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Loves Etch x High Brow Cat); Cowan Select Horses LLC; Traci Ferini.

1018    Rey Below Zero         $19,500 (RNA)

(3/10/2016 chestnut s) (Dual Rey x Shes Icing Onthe Cat x High Brow Cat); Ty Cole Performance Horses LLC.

1019    Down With The OBB           $18,500

(5/18/2016 bay s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Just Another Memory x Smart Little Lena); Troop Quarter Horses; Tyrel Marshall.

1020    Awsomesauce            $12,000

(3/5/2016 sorrel g) (Smooth As A Cat x Shine Smartly x Shining Spark); Walter Greeman; Lori Getzwiller.

1021    Stylish Kat     $8,500

(5/16/2016 sorrel s) (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Sally Cat x High Brow Cat); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Ty Smith.

1022    This Senoritas Smart           $20,000

(3/24/2016 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x Shiney Senorita x Shining Spark); Kyle Trahern; Wendy Kuhn.

1023    Playgirls Merada Cat           $28,000

(3/11/2016 sorrel s) (Cats Merada x Playgirls Miss Grace x Mister Dual Pep); Arai LLC; Ty Smith.

1024    CR Tuffer N Hail      $34,500 (RNA)

(2/1/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x Calie Del Rey x Dual Rey); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence.

1025    A Metallic Valentine            $30,000

(2/14/2016 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x Lil Blue Agave x Duals Blue Boon); Thirty Two Cattle Co.; Donna Maston.

1026    Smokin Jonez           $13,000

(5/6/2016 sorrel s) (Travelin Jonez x Smoke My Boots x Doc O Boots); Brooke M. Wharton; Shaun McBride.

1027    Bet Hesa Quick Cat$7,700

(5/12/2016 red roan g) (Bet Hesa Cat x Quick Millionheir x Bodee Boonsmal); Larry Pool; Ty Smith.

1028    DT Metallic Dr Dre   $9,500

(3/26/2016 blue roan g) (Metallic CD x Smart Shine Ann x Smart Shiner); DT Horses LLC; Lori Getzwiller.

1029    One Time Memorey$10,500

(3/1/2016 sorrel g) (One Time Pepto x Memorey x Dual Rey); Sandero Ranch Ltd.; Ty Smith.

1030    Hot N Catty   $7,700

(4/18/2016 red roan m) (Catty Hawk x Boomin Hot Salsa x Peptoboonsmal); Cowan Select Horses LLC; Ty Smith.

1031    Play With Sparks     $15,000

(1/18/2016 sorrel s) (Time For The Diamond x Sparktilion x Shining Spark); Cannon Quarter Horses; Dean Tuftin.

1032    MC Very Shining Cee         $12,000 (RNA)

(4/2/2016 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x Shining Cee x Shining Spark); Diamond MC Performance Horses.

1033    R Onetime     $10,500

(3/10/2016 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Smart Clays Kit x Smart Lil Ricochet); Wes Ashlock, Agent for Glenna Wickett; Ty Smith.

1034    DT Hickorys Shakira            $22,000

(4/9/2016 sorrel m) (Hickory Holly Time x Savanah Cat x Cats Merada); DT Horses LLC; Andrea Pasek.

1035    MC Bella Boon         $9,500

(5/2/2016 red roan m) (Once In A Blu Boon x Diamonds On Time x One Time Pepto); Diamond MC Performance Horses; Giacomo Mattioli.

1036    Doctor Drey   $48,000 (RNA)

(2/28/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Money Talks Smart x Smart Mate); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence.

1037    Steady Eddie  $32,000 (RNA)

(3/14/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Nurse Nita x Peptoboonsmal); Kevin Wood.

1038    Why You Wanna      $9,500

(4/15/2016 sorrel s) (Play Dual Rey x What Chics Wanna Do x Chic Please); Todd Crawford; Reanna Dillman. (Cryptorchid).

1039    Playin Lil Cat           $7,000

(4/6/2016 sorrel m) (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Fletch Cat x Royal Fletch); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Lori Getzwiller.

1041    Cantankerous One  $38,000

(4/16/2016 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x Cancan Kitty x High Brow Cat); Lone Oak Performance Horses LLC; Phillip Rivas.