ARC Gunna Mark Ya & Abby Lengel • Photo by Waltenberry

ARC Gunna Mark Ya Marks 226 to Win Tulsa Reining Classic Derby Open

The Tulsa Reining Classic Derby Open was held Sept. 2 at the Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After 83 horses went through the ring, the score that landed on top was the highest marked the whole week in the Ford Truck Arena.

Derby Levels 4 & 3 Open

ARC Gunna Mark Ya & Abby Lengel
12M (Gunnatrashya x Shiney Miss Marker x Shining Spark)
Owner: Jody Puno, Santee, CA
Breeder: Arcese Quarter Horses, Weatherford, TX
Score: 226
Payout: $11,576

Derby Levels 2 & 1 Open

Spooks Lil Princess & Debbie Brown
14M (Smart Spook x Slide By Shiner x Shining Spark)
Owner: Teresa Grier, Wichita, KS
Breeder: Lorenzo Lotti, Whitesboro, TX
Score: 221
Payout: $2,483

Derby Novice Horse Open

Gunna Spark & Jason Vanlandingham
14S (Gunnatrashya x Roylenas Spark x Jacs Electric Spark)
Owner: Rosanne Sternberg, Aubrey, TX
Breeder: Dale Harvey, Marietta, OK
Score: 221.5
Payout: $3,551