2018 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity 3-Year-Old Mustang Sale

Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity 3-Year-Old Mustang Sale

Held September 15, 2018

10 horses consigned

$32,700 gross for a $3,270 average

6 sold (60%), $10,850 net, $1,808 average and $1,675 median.

(RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.

Legend: Hip, horse, selling price, DOB, color, sex, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer, notes.

101      Beatys Butte Betty B    $3,500

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown1 x Unknown1 x Unknown1); Tami LeHouillier; Matt Zimmerman.

102      Kelis Gotta Gun          $1,500

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown2 x Unknown2 x Unknown2); Justin Jones; Ashley Wright.

103      South Steen In Stilettos           $1,750

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown3 x Unknown3 x Unknown); Eric Freitas; Coppercreek Camp.

104      South Steens Painted Pawnee  $1,600

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown4 x Unknown5 x Unknown); Taylor Gordon; Wilson Ranches Inc..

105      South Steens Shy Charlotte     $1,500 (RNA)

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown5 x Unknown5 x Unknown5); Carmen Johnson.

106      South Steens Sweet Raven       $1,800

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown7 x Unknown7 x Unknown7); Jill Pierre; Bar Z Ranch.

107      Three Fingers Blonde  $9,500 (RNA)

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown8 x Unknown8 x Unknown8); Cynthia Bias.

108      Three Fingers Fox In The Rocks         $1,100 (RNA)

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown10 x Unknown10 x Unknown10); Bobbi O’Brien-Hall.

109      Three Fingers Holly    $9,750 (RNA)

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown11 x Unknown11 x Unknown11); Lance Johnston.

110      Three Fingers Teresa  $700

(1/1/2015  m) (Unknown12 x Unknown12 x Unknown12); Jayson/Teresa Fisher; Lane Johnson/Bar 37.