2018 Legacy Reining Consignment Sale

Legacy Reining Consignment Sale

Held Sept. 28, 2018

65 horses consigned

$551,500 gross for a $8,485 average

56 sold (86%), $465,800 net, $8,318 average and $6,350 median.

(RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.

Legend: Hip, horse, selling price, DOB, color, sex, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer, notes.

72A     Shinetta Gun   $24,000 (RNA)

(4/18/2012 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Smart Shinetta x Shining Spark); Bred to Yellow Jersey; Lyle Lovett. (Broke but unfinished).

73        Nu Shiny Cash$14,000

(3/20/2003 palomino m) (Shining Spark x Cee Nifty Cash x Nu Cash); Bred to Smart Spook;  Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Gray-Leigh Wilson; Rancho Santa Cecilia.

74        Lakota Smoking (PT)  $2,500

(4/27/2017 sorrel s) (DC Smoking Whiz x Painted Lahayla (PT) x Trashadeous); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Christopher Wells.

75        Painted Lahayla (PT)  $4,500

(1/11/2013 sorrel tovero m) (Trashadeous x Painted Akeelah Whiz (PT) x RR Star (PT)); Broodmare; Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Jose Antonio Balleza.

76        Hangten Freckles        $6,500

(4/24/2001 sorrel m) (Hangten Peppy x Miss Col Freckles x Colonel Freckles); Bred to Wranglered;  Parker Wurst; Pat Garrett.

77        RS She Is A Dream     $5,200

(2/26/2007 sorrel m) (Nic It In The Bud x RS Lilly Starlight x Grays Starlight); Bred to Lil Joe Cash; Russell Giles; Victor Barba.

78        Pending           $5,200

(1/1/2017  m) (Magnum Chic Dream x Queen Of Guns x Colonels Smoking Gun); Brad Giesbrecht; Tom/Mandy McCutcheon.

79        Roxy Gunner  $18,000

(1/2/2008 red dun m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Hollywood Roxy x Hollywood Jac 86); Bred to Hollywoodstinseltown;  Claude Lindsey; Mario Madrigal.

80        Double Dreamer          $5,000

(3/1/2017 sorrel m) (Magnum Chic Dream x RS She Is A Dream x Nic It In The Bud); Russell Giles; Justin/Ashley Michels.

81        Little Baby Steps         $10,200

(5/2/2009 buckskin m) (Wimpys Little Step x Wind Her Up Doc x Docs Sidewinder); Bred to Not Ruf At All; Vaughn Zimmerman; MS Stables.

82        Tinkerwithsmoke        $2,000

(2/13/2017 sorrel g) (Tinker With Guns x Oakies Smokin Dun It x Tari I Dun It); Vista Equine Colorado, Agent for Gianna Hansen; Christopher Wells.

83        Shanias Lil Step          $12,000

(1/8/2010 palomino m) (Wimpys Little Step x Whizs Guinevere x Topsail Whiz); Bred to CD Diamond;  San Juan Ranch; Hugo Carrosio

84        SB Walla Lily Voodoo$11,000

(3/10/2017 brown m) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Walla Lily Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for South On The Border Horses LLC; Gianni Luga.

85        Dream On Whiz          $9,700

(4/16/2017 sorrel s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Ms Sassy Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Hill Country Reiners LLC; Justin/Ashley Michels.

86        Snappy Lil Spook        $12,500

(4/24/2010 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Red Moon Snap x Snapper Cal Bar); Bred to Not Ruf At All;  Vaughn Zimmerman; MS Stables. (Cribber).

87        Miss Smart And Peppy           $3,700

(3/30/2006 palomino m) (Skeets Peppy x Smart And Bootiful x Master Boot Jac); Bred to Lil Joe Cash;  Russell Giles; Jennifer Fischer.

88        Steppin On Stars         $10,000

(4/9/2011 bay m) (Wimpys Little Step x Starlite N Oak x Doc’s Oak); Bred to Not Ruf At All;  Vaughn Zimmerman; Josh Rosentrater.

89        Shine On Meg  $6,000

(2/3/2017 red roan m) (Shine On Line x Straw Berry Spooks x Spooks Gotta Gun); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Carlo Orsi; Victor Barba.

90        Pale Boom       $3,000

(4/19/2017 palomino s) (Boom Shernic x Dun Painting My Face x Pale Face Dunnit); Schmersal Reining Horses; Miguel Villegas

92        Lonestar Jersey           $7,200

(3/2/2017 palomino s) (Yellow Jersey x Sheza Zipn Starlet x Hollywood Dutch); Kelse Clark-Fernandez; Keystone Ranch/Marco Munoz.

93        Gunnin For Crome     $9,900

(3/10/2017 sorrel m) (Gunnin For Chicks x Chics Love Crome x Custom Crome); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Carlo Orsi; Alex Castaneda.

94        Whiz N Buckles           $11,500 (RNA)

(5/22/2017 sorrel s) (Show Me The Buckles x Vio Con Whizos x Conquistador Whiz); McQuay Stables Inc., Agent.

95        Dun A Little (AR)       $2,000

(1/1/2017 dun m) (Were Dun x BSF Vintage Cowgirl (AR) x HH Maxemus (AR)); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Buckshot Farms; Jesse Cory.

96        Stopping In Jersey      $7,000

(5/24/2017 sorrel s) (Yellow Jersey x Stop Little Sister x Magnum Chic Dream); Toyon Ranch LLC; Alex Malo.

97        DA Steady Maid          $1,600

(2/23/1999 sorrel m) (Steady Tradition x Maid In Waiting x Doc’s Hickory); Broodmare; Russell Giles; Christopher Wells. (Sells open with return to Lil Joe Cash).

98        Sheez Smart N Chexy  $9,500

(4/1/2012 bay m) (Smart Spook x Chex Drive x Bueno Chexinic); Terry/Kara Theis; MS Stables. (Sound to ride or breed).

99        Call The Wrangler      $14,000

(2/16/2017 bay s) (Starlights Wrangler x Call Me Step Sister x Wimpys Little Step); Hendricks Reining Horses Inc.; Jean Vervecken.

100      BSF Kharisma (AR)    $4,700

(1/1/2017 chestnut m) (TA Khalil (AR) x Sonatinas Sunset (AR) x Zee Mega Bucks (AR)); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Buckshot Farms; Jennifer Fischer.

101      Hollywood Sasha        $5,500

(8/16/2010 sorrel m) (SW Slide Tradition x Ooh Hollywood Chic x Ooh Cisco); Bred to Colonels Shining Gun; Antonio Nunez; Alvaro Vitaz De La Torre.

101A   Pending           $3,700

(1/1/2018  s) (Lil Joe Cash x Hollywood Sasha x SW Slide Tradition); Antonio Nunez; Kevin Colston.

102      Chexy Gun      $33,000

(2/21/2011 palomino m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Chexy Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); Bred to In Like Flinn; Petroll Reining Horses LLC, Agent; Jennifer Anderson. (Broodmare sound only)

103      HA Shine Steps Shine  $9,000

(4/3/2017 buckskin s) (Shine Chic Shine x In The Steps Of Chex x Wimpys Little Step); Hillis Akin Family Partnership; Canyon Hostetler

104      Jazzys Cash     $4,700 (RNA)

(4/9/2017 sorrel m) (Lil Joe Cash x Zacks Jazzy Lu x Zack T Wood); McQuay Stables Inc., Agent.

106      Glass Sliders    $6,000

(1/13/2017 sorrel m) (REF Black Mamba x Custom Fairytale x Smart Spook); Vista Equine Colorado; Aldo Ramon.

107      Perfectly Dreamt        $13,000 (RNA)

(4/14/2017 sorrel m) (Magnum With A Dream x Inside Slide x Topsail Whiz); Josh/Carri Visser.

108      Lovely Colonel$6,000 (RNA)

(4/2/2002 sorrel m) (Great Master Wake x Colonel Docs Bid x Colonel Leo Bar); Bred to Epic Titan; Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Fausto Mattioli.

109      Issy Joe Cash   $6,500 (RNA)

(1/17/2017 sorrel m) (Lil Joe Cash x Issy Whizzy Whiz x Custom Crome); Russell Giles.

110      Pale Smart Face          $4,000

(5/15/2017 chestnut s) (Pale Face Dunnit x Dun It With Chic x Matt Dillon Dun It); Melissa Land; Christopher Wells.

111      Smokin Jersey$10,000

(4/11/2017 bay s) (Yellow Jersey x Smokin Flashy Lady x Colonels Smoking Gun); Claude Lindsey; Joy Ranch.

112      Friendlys Fun Nite      $11,000

(3/24/2017 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x Shesa Friendly Chic x Hesa Smart Chic); Buster Foster; Latimer & Tremblay.

113      Icey Lil Chic    $10,000

(4/16/2017 sorrel m) (SG Frozen Enterprize x Smart Lil Chic Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Abby Lengel.

114      VB Smart Diamonts    $8,000 (RNA)

(3/28/2017 black s) (Starlight Midnight x Blue Sparkin Hickory x Blue Spark Olena); McQuay Stables Inc., Agent.

115      Midnight Inferno        $23,000

(1/3/2017 black s) (Inferno Sixty Six x KF Peptos Sally x Peptos Stylish Oak); Jennifer Anderson; Slide Or Die LLC.

116      Lil Joe Flash    $13,500

(3/13/2017 dun s) (Lil Joe Cash x Dun Its Heidi x Hollywood Dun It); Independence Farm; Carlos Del Valle.

117      Yellow Gunner$8,000

(3/18/2017 palomino s) (Yellow Jersey x Roxy Gunner x Colonels Smoking Gun); Claude Lindsey; Mariela Barboza.

118      CCR Smart Cash        $7,700

(4/19/2017 bay s) (Smart Spook x Its Conquista Cash x Conquistador Whiz); Center Cross Ranch LLC; Jesse Asmussen.

119      Plain Dreams   $7,700

(3/2/2017 chestnut m) (Magnum With A Dream x Custom Cromed Anna x Custom Crome); Judy Box; Tom/Mandy McCutcheon.

120      Rode A Rooster           $3,500

(3/8/2002 sorrel m) (Gallo Del Cielo x Hollywood Bruja x Hollywood Dun It); Bred to Master Spook;  Matthew Wilson; Miguel Villegas.

121      Sparkys Gracie           $5,300

(3/25/2008 palomino m) (The Perfect Spark x Lacy Jay Doll x Power Of Cash); Bred to Lil Joe Cash;  Russell Giles; Thomas Fronk.

122      Lenas Guns N Stars     $25,000

(2/7/2009 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x RG Miss Starlight x Grays Starlight); Bred to Lil Joe Cash; Russell Giles; Mark Doering.

123      Steady Slidin Jo          $4,700

(4/22/2017 sorrel m) (Lil Joe Cash x DA Steady Maid x Steady Tradition); Russell Giles; Alex Malo.

124      Sueno Girl       $4,200

(2/11/2017 buckskin m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Whiskey Sueno x Paddys Irish Whiskey); Kevin Castle; Christopher Wells.

125      Wimpys Lil Doll          $13,000

(4/27/2008 chestnut m) (Wimpys Little Step x DA Steady Lil Peppy x Steady Tradition); Bred to Pale Face Dunnit; Schmersal Reining Horses, Agent; Yonathan Baruch.

126      Remedy Dot Com        $2,500

(2/9/2000 sorrel m) (Reminic x Jessie Dot Tari x Jodies Doc Tari); Bred to Gunners Special Nite;  Harold Clemmer Jr.; Jeanne Jackson.

127      Chics Commandrespect          $6,000

(3/30/2012 sorrel m) (Commanders Nic x She And Chic Dunit x Smart Chic Olena); Bred to Gunners Special Nite; Vaughn Zimmerman; Christopher Wells.

127A   Lil Mollie Joe  $5,200

(3/27/2017 sorrel m) (Lil Joe Cash x Red Mollie x Peptoboonsmal); Antonio Nunez; Larry Kasten.

128      Smoking Hot Mercedes           $5,500

(5/23/2017 chestnut s) (Smoking Whiz x Suprize Me Mercedes x Cromed Out Mercedes); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Heidi Lee Schlenker.

128A   Smart N Shiney CD     $3,800

(6/4/2017 palomino s) (Smart And Shiney x CD Olenas Plain Jane x CD Olena); Joao/Oliveira Carlos; Alex Castaneda.

129A   CCR Walla Whiz Step$6,200

(2/28/2017 palomino m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Claras Little Step x Wimpys Little Step); Center Cross Ranch LLC; Justin/Ashley Michels.

130      Tinseltown Shiner       $7,000 (RNA)

(4/9/2016 sorrel m) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Ms Tinseltown x Tinseltowns Bro); McQuay Stables Inc., Agent

131      Mr Dillon Guns           $5,000 (RNA)

(3/31/2016 bay s) (Tinker With Guns x Its So Easy To Be Me x Easy Otie Whiz); McQuay Stables Inc., Agent.

131A   Magnums Ruf Nugget$5,200

(3/18/2016 sorrel s) (Magnum Chic Dream x CT Ruffian x Lil Ruf Peppy); Werner/Linda Hermus; Christopher Wells.

132      Tinseltown Temptress$3,700

(3/3/2016 sorrel m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Smart Leo Lady x Ima Dually Leo); Buster Foster; Mike/Nez Weber.

133      Ima Pale Whiz$8,500

(3/30/2014 cremello m) (Pale Face Dunnit x Tecara Whiz x Who Whiz It); Marla White; Robin Sears.

134      Some Chic With A Gun           $14,500

(3/29/2015 red dun m) (Spooks Gotta Gun x Jameen Olena x Hollywood Dun It); Bud Lyon, Agent; Gaylyn Widdison.