Paul Hansma and Hydrive Chic
Paul Hansma aboard SCR Hydrive Chic.

Success Comes in the Genes

As the NCHA Triple Crown for the 2017-2018 season came to an end we had to go back and study results and acknowledge those who had success. There is a joy in every side of the game. It is not only the rider who is having success when the horse makes the finals, there is the breeder who came up with the right cross between sire and dam, the person who raised the foal and took it to the two-year-old year, the one who started that foal and the trainer that works endless hours on perfecting the horse to become a show horse all the way until the day the horse enters the show pen and performs. As I’m here writing this, my mind comes to realizing the enormous amount of people that are involved in the creation of this individuals, from the day the dam is breed until that foal becomes a horse and gets to perform; not to mention the time that has to go by for them to make it in to the show pen. There are vets involved, office staff, breeding managers, loppers, stall cleaners, farriers, trainers and owners and so many more that make a huge impact on the success that a horse can have.

It is such a rewarding moment for those involved considering that it’s almost a miracle since there is thousands of foals born every year in the American Quarter Horse and Paint Horse Association alone and not counting any other horse breeds that come compete at the cutting horse events. I guess what I am trying to say is that it sure is a special moment when a horse makes it to the winners circle.

Looking back at the horses represented by SDP Buffalo Ranch, we take pride in saying that success was achieved. Hydrive Cat is the sire to horses earning $35,280 at the NCHA Summer Spectacular; with

SCR Hydrive Chic, this mare is bred and owned by Singleton Ranches and finished 3rd overall in the Open Derby with Paul Hansma.

4 Year Non Pro Open Awards. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch
Hansma & SCR Hydrive Cat. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

The other Hydrive Cat who shined at the show finishing 5th in the Limited Non-Pro was Somethingtobelievein this mare was bred by SDP Buffalo Ranch, owned by Brett and Jody McGlothlin and shown by Jody McGlothlin.

Somethingtobelievein & Jody McGlothlin. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

The Hydrive’s could not miss being represented in the Senior Youth Finals, Cryogenic and Tate Marvin represented him well. This stud was bred by Sugar Bar Ranch and is owned by Tommy and Susan Marvin.

These results talk for themselves, considering that only 9 entries out of the 1350 horses entered were by Hydrive Cat.

Boon Too Suen had 19 entries earning a total of $44,247 and making it to the spotlight with Real Suen and Todd Quirk Reserve Champion in the Non-Pro Derby, this horse was bred by Paula Wood and owned by Plantation Farms LLC. CR Smart Boots was the Open Derby finalist for Boon Too Suen and 3rd in the Gelding Open Finals. This horse was bred by Center Ranch and is owned by Sarco Creek Ranch.

CR Smart Boots & Boyd Rice
CR Smart Boots & Boyd Rice. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Suen To Be Black, bred and owned by Kobie and Paula Wood and shown by Paula Wood tied for 6th in the Classic Non-Pro.

Suen To Be Black
Suen To Be Black & Paula Wood. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

German Lugo made his appearance riding his mare Suen Shez All That who was breed by Angel Pinuelas Jr. The two made the Unlimited Amateur Derby Finals.

Suen Shez All That
Suen Shez All That & German Lugo. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Boon Too Suen has had a tremendous year after having several horses do well throughout the year; including Futurity Open 3rd and 4th place and two horses in the top ten of the Breeder Invitational Open Derby finals.

Real Suen
Real Suen. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch
Real Suen. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Third Cutting accumulated a total of $12,737 highlighting Ronnie Rice and Third Candy bred and owned by Kelly Schaar getting the Senior Open Derby Championship and the 5th place in the 10K Novice Open Derby.

Third Candy & Ronnie Rice
Third Candy & Ronnie Rice. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

TC Heiress bred by Holsey Cutting Horses owned by Sarco Creek Ranch and ridden by Parke Greeson placed 9th in the Classic Challenge in the Amateur Division.

TC Heiress
TC Heiress & Parke Greeson. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Also, Hershey Hiss and Jennah Foland placed in both the Unlimited and Amateur Derby Classes; the horse is bred and owned by Jeffrey and Jennifer Foland.

Hershey Hiss & Jennifer Foland
Hershey Hiss & Jennifer Foland. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Lastly for the finalists, we had a total of 4 entries of horses by Sigala Rey with total earnings of $7,762. See Ya At Cadillacs and Isidro Sigala, a mare Bred and owned by Francisco Sigala, finished 3rd in the Unlimited Amateur Derby. Sigala Rey continues to prove the rumors are true, he is establishing a reputation of siring consistent performers. The future is very exciting for this Sire.

See You At Cadillacs
See You At Cadillacs. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

Let’s not forget the semi-finalists… Special Nu Boon by Boon Too Suen, bred by Wrigley Ranches, owned by Rose Valley Ranch and shown by Michael Cooper – Derby Open.

Special Nu Boon
Special Nu Boon & Michael Cooper. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

CR Smart Boots by Boon Too Suen and shown by Bridey Greeson and Manteca Moe by Hydrive Cat, bred and owned by Phil & Mary Ann Rapp and shown by Ryan Rapp – Derby Non Pro.

CR Smart Boots
CR Smart Boots & Bridey Greeson. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch
Manteca Moe
Manteca Moe & Ryan Rapp. Photo courtesy of SDP Buffalo Ranch

All and all – there was a total of 53 horses entered sired by the SDP Buffalo Ranch stallions and a total of $107,715 in monies earned. We are proud to say that the SDP Buffalo Ranch Sires are producing horses among the top contenders at any level of the cutting horse events. We want to congratulate anyone who had success! We know it takes a lot of time and effort to make it to the winners circle, however breeding to these producing sires certainly increases your chances of being successful.