MsDreamy's pedigree chart

In The Blood: Ms Dreamy – WEG Part 4

Ms Dreamy reining
Ms Dreamy & Dan Huss • Photo by Waltenberry

The show record of Ms Dreamy indicates an ability to win, no matter who is in the saddle. This mare has won $171,398, and her titles include the 2013 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity Level 2 Non-Pro Reserve Championship; the 2014 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Amateur Reining World Championship; the 2015 High Roller Reining Classic Derby Level 3 Open Reserve Championship; and the 2016 National Reining Breeders Classic Level 3 Non-Pro Championship.

Ms Dreamy won these titles under four different riders. One of those was Dan Huss, who is teamed up with the mare again to compete on 2018 Team USA and represent their country in the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) World Equestrian Games.

Ms Dreamy (Magnum Chic Dream x A Gal With A Gun x Colonels Smoking Gun [Gunner]) is a 2010 mare bred by Jana Simons and currently owned by Rick Christen. Her pedigree gives us a combination of a balanced pedigree to Doc Bar, with some key infusions of inbreeding to horses like Gay Bar King and Blue Command in the pedigree. She is the fourth horse we have looked at in this series with a cross to Colonel Freckles in her pedigree.


Magnum Chic Dream • QHN File Photo

Magnum Chic Dream (Smart Chic Olena x Sailin Barbee x Topsail Cody) has earnings of $44,553 in Equi-Stat. He was the 2004 AQHA Senior Reining World Champion with a Superior in reining. His aged event record shows he was the 1999 NRHA Futurity Limited Open Reserve Champion and the 2000 NRHA Derby Intermediate Open Co-Reserve Champion. He is now an Equi-Stat Elite $5 Million Sire. His leading money-winners include Chic Dreamin, the recent winner of the Reining By The Bay Derby Level 4 Open.

Smart Chic Olena (Smart Little Lena x Gay Sugar Chic x Gay Bar King) is Equi-Stat’s No. 4 all-time leading sire of reining horse money-earners, with more than $7 million in earnings for that discipline alone. His leading money-winners include Smart Spook ($405,650) and Shiners Chic ($295,376). Smart Little Lena, a son of Doc O’Lena (by Doc Bar), gives us our first cross to Doc Bar in the pedigree of Ms Dreamy. Gay Sugar Chic gives us our first cross to Gay Bar King in the pedigree of Magnum Chic Dream.

Sailin Barbee was an unshown mare. She is the dam of horses that have earned $60,248, with Magnum Chic Dream as her No. 1. Her second leading performer is Chic Sail Dream ($10,443, by Top Olena Dream), the 2013 Battle In The Saddle Freestyle Co-Champion.

Topsail Cody (Joe Cody x Doc Bar Linda x Doc Bar) was the 1980 NRHA Futurity Open Champion and the 1981 AQHA Junior Reining World Champion. His dam, Doc Bar Linda, gives us our second cross to Doc Bar in Ms Dreamy’s pedigree.

Miss Mistic Barbee is the dam of Sailin Barbee, and she is also unshown. Her produce record shows that she is the dam of the Register of Merit (ROM) performers Strike Zone (by Doctor Strike) and Barbee Glow (by Speedy Glow Jr). Strike Zone is the dam of Hollywoods Striker ($28,940). Mistic Stage, a daughter of Miss Mistic Barbee, is the dam of Dunnits Dare Devil ($22,551) and Dunnits Delight ($20,650).

Miss Mistic Barbee was sired by Mistic Bar, by Gay Bar King. This gives Magnum Chic Dream a breeding pattern of 3 X 4 to Gay Bar King.


Gal with A Gun Reining with Jana Simons
A Gal With A Gun & Jana Simons • Photo by Waltenberry

A Gal With A Gun had a solid performance at the 2009 NRHA Futurity, where she was the Intermediate Non-Pro Champion, Limited Non-Pro Champion and a finalist in the Non-Pro with a third place. She earned $66,516 in the arena. She has had three foals go to the show pen with cumulative records of $178,377. Her second-leading money-winner is A Smalltown Gal ($6,963), who has earned her AQHA ROM with 44 AQHA reining points earned in nine shows. She was also the 2015 American Paint Horse Association (APHA) 3-Year-Old Reining Challenge Non-Pro Reserve Champion at the World Show.

Gunner, sired by Colonelfourfreckle (by Colonel Freckles), brings us back to the influence of Colonel Freckles. The difference this time is the Colonel Freckles blood is coming through as a broodmare sire influence. The daughters of Gunner have produced the winners of $2.8 million, with money-earners like Smoking Whiz ($213,709), Yankee Gun ($142,839), Tinseltown Flash ($104,313) and Electric Snow ($100,399).

Colonel Freckles daughters-produced foals have earned more than $1.8 million in reining. The leading money-winner is Von Reminic ($180,219), winner of the 2000 NRHA Futurity Open.

The dam of Colonelfourfreckle is Miss Solano, by Doc’s Solano (Doc Bar x Susie’s Bay x Poco Tivio). This cross of Doc’s Solano gives us our third cross to Doc Bar in the pedigree of Ms Dreamy.

Roxanne Winder (Docs Sidewinder x Roxbay Command x First Command) is the dam of A Gal With A Gun. This mare was the 1988 Lazy E Classic Open Reserve Champion. She earned $8,459 in her career, according to the NRHA. She is the dam of horses that have earned $95,724, including Ultimate Enterprise ($7,689), the 1994 The Traditions Futurity Limited Open Champion and Open Reserve Champion.

Docs Sidewinder (Doc’s Solano x Trodi Command x Blue Command) earned $48,861 in the cutting pen. He was the 1984 All American Quarter Horse Congress Open Cutting Champion and the 1985 Quarterama Open Cutting Champion. He is a National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Gold winner.

The sire record of Docs Sidewinder shows that his foals have earned $187,716 in cutting, reining, reined cow horse and barrel racing. His leading cutting horse money-winner was Hoosier Doc ($49,462). His leading reining eaner was Side Smoke ($73,425), the 1996 NRHA Open World Reserve Champion and the 1996 AQHA Senior Reining World Champion.

The daughters of Docs Sidewinder have produced foals that have earned in excess of $1 million in cutting, reining and reined cow horse. The reining winners include Great Sun Burst ($351,543), the 2010 and 2011 NRHA Open World Champion. He followed those Open titles up with the 2012 and 2013 NRHA Non-Pro World championships.

Doc’s Solano • QHN File Photo

This gives us our second cross with Doc’s Solano, who is sired by Doc Bar. This is the fourth Doc Bar cross in Ms Dreamy’s pedigree. It is a 5 X 5 X 6 X 5 breeding pattern to Doc Bar that balances with two crosses on the sire side and two on the dam side of the pedigree. This also gives A Gal With A Gun a 4 X 3 breeding pattern to Doc’s Solano.

Trodi Command was an unshown. Her Equi-Stat produce record shows that she is the dam of four money-winners, with Docs Sidewinder being her highest earner. Trodi Command was sired by Blue Command, an AQHA Champion with 20 reining and 19 cutting points. He was shown seven times as a reining horse, and he won all seven.

Roxbay Command (First Command x Bay Roxie x Chief Cook), a granddaughter of Blue Command, was an AQHA Champion with 16 halter and 18.5 performance points in Western pleasure, Western riding and hunt seat. First Command was the 1966 NRHA Futurity Open Reserve Champion.

First Command was sired by Blue Command. This gives the pedigree of Roxbay Command a 3 X 3 breeding pattern to Blue Command. Blue Command was sired by the AQHA Champion Power Command. Power Command was the sire of the great King Fritz, the founder of the Chex bloodline so prevalent in today’s performance horses.

We see the 5 X 5 X 6 X 5 breeding pattern to Doc Bar as the linebreeding in the pedigree of Ms Dreamy. Then we see that Magnum Chic Dream is 3 X 4 to Gay Bar King and Roxanne Winder is 3 X 3 to Blue Command. This doesn’t mean that Ms Dreamy is linebred to these two horses, because we don’t find these examples of inbreeding on both the sire and dam side of the pedigree.

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