There will be no semifinals in this year's NCHA Summer Spectacular Classic/Challenge Amateur. Last year, the class came down to a tie between Bella Anderson and The Reyl McCoy (pictured) and Jennifer Rector and Smooth Reyn. • Hart Photos.

NCHA: No Semifinals At Summer Spectacular Classic/Challenge Amateur

The National Cutting Horse Association(NCHA) issued a clarification after some members asked why there will be no semifinals for the Classic/Challenge Amateur class at the 2018 Summer Spectacular in Fort Worth, Texas. 

The 2018 Classic/Challenge Amateur will not have a semifinals round because of the number of entrants at the time the final payment was due, as outlined by NCHA rules, the association said.

The NCHA said in a statement on its website that, at the time of the final payment due date, there were 147 entries in this year’s Classic/Challenge Amateur. After the final payment due date there were an additional 8 entries received, bringing the total number of entries to 155.  

For further explanation, please see Item #3 of the entry form for the Amateur/Unlimited Amateur Combination, as outlined below:

“The 2018 Derby and Classic Challenger Amateur/Unlimited Amateur Combination Cutting Horse Contest with a minimum of 150 entries will consist of one go-round with 30% moving to the semifinals with a maximum of 60 plus ties, and with 20 plus ties to the finals. Calculations for the semifinals will be determined on the final payment date. Late entries will not dictate semifinals.

  1. In the event there are less than 150 entries in a class, there will be no semi-finals and will consist of one go-round plus finals for the high-scoring twenty-five (25%), with a minimum of ten and a maximum of thirty (30).”

The first go-round of the Classic/Challenge Amateur and Unlimited Amateur is Sunday, July 22.

Last year, the Rios of Mercedes Classic/Challenge Amateur ended in a tie between Jennifer Rector and Smooth Reyn (Smooth As A Cat x Ruby Reyn x Dual Rey) and 13-year-old Bella Anderson and The Reyl Mccoy (Dual Rey x Cool The Engines x Smart Little Lena). They each marked a 218 and each took home $7,350.

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